Jennifer Lopez Just Shared How She Takes Off Her Makeup With *One* Product

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Jennifer Lopez/Instagram
Jennifer Lopez's skin care routine: cleanser, serum, and night cream.
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Prepping the skin with high-glam makeup before a performance is a well-documented process in the world of music, and musicians and artists often share behind-the-scenes photos of makeup artists tending to their faces before a big show. However, what comes much later — aka taking off all that makeup in the evening — isn't often shown off. Thankfully, this is where Jennifer Lopez's skin care routine steps in to illuminate just how a superstar washes her face at night. Lopez shared a three-step JLo Beauty routine via Instagram on Jan. 2, though the video in question followed her New Year's Rockin' Eve performance.

"We’re fresh-faced for 2021 after yesterday’s #WashAway2020 event," J.Lo captioned the skin care routine clip, which served as a lesson for fans and followers on how to use some of the brand-new JLo Beauty products. Lopez begins the video by applying the $38 That Hit Single cleanser, and recommends using about a quarter-sized amount of product. This isn't a cleanser you need to be afraid of getting around your eye area, either — you can see J.Lo massage it liberally around her face, including multiple passes over her eyes to remove the makeup there.

After that, the musician dries her face with a fluffy towel, and follows up with none other than That JLo Glow serum ($118). "I sent this formula back maybe 23 times," Lopez noted in the video while she applies the serum, adding that she wanted "to make sure that it had a tightening and instant-glow effect. That's why we called it That JLo Glow, because we finally got it right."

Similar to the cleanser, this is a serum you can use all over your skin, rather than focusing on select areas. "I like being generous with it," J.Lo said. "Then I let it dry for a second, and then I use the extra on my fingers because you want to have beautiful hands, too."

"The next thing I'm going to do is the night cream," she continued, referring to the $58 That Blockbuster moisturizer. In the clip, J.Lo notes the importance of not forgetting your décolletage area, and shows how she applies the night cream across her neck and eyelids alike.

Anyone interested in trying out the star's nighttime routine is in luck. JLo Beauty products are officially available as of Jan. 1. Below, the three products Lopez used to get her skin ready for bed.

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