Like The Rest Of Us, J.Lo’s Holiday Looks Consisted Mostly Of Sweatsuits

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One might imagine the biggest stars in the world are some of the few people dressing up for the holidays in 2020. But while that's an easy assumption, a recent crop of photos proves that may not be be the case: i.e. the many sightings of Jennifer Lopez in her monochromatic sweatsuits this December. So if you were feeling guilty about not donning your fancy suits and sparkly dresses this year, well, don't — even one of the most glamorous women in the world spent much of the month in her comfiest sets.

In fact, like the rest of us, she's basically living in them. Since Dec. 6, when J.Lo posted an Instagram of herself in a cozy blue Frankies Bikinis outfit, the actor has been photographed more than six times in a single-color sweatsuit. Her commitment to the look is proof that it doesn't matter who you are — this comfortable ensemble is always a good idea, but especially around the most stressful and hectic time of the year.

That said, Lopez doesn't just throw on a pair of Ugg boots and call it a day with these outfits. Rather, the 51-year-old's accessories are always on point, and take each set from practically pajamas to a certified *look.* By following her masterful pairings (whether that's a Dior bucket hat or chunky dad sneakers), you, too, can easily turn your comfy holiday uniform into a J.Lo-worthy 'fit. Ahead, her best sweatsuit looks to inspire you.

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Jennifer Lopez's Ivory Sweatsuit

Lopez's latest sweatsuit look featured an ivory set from Les Tien, which she paired with a matching corduroy coat for an ultra-cozy travel 'fit. The real star, however, was the singer's Dior bucket hat and Timberland boots, which gave the ensemble a trendy, polished effect.

Jennifer Lopez's Green Sweatsuit


This holiday-appropriate suit was another Les Tien set, which Lopez debuted in Beverly Hills on Dec. 19. To really take it up a notch, the JLo beauty founder wore it with a black Hermès Birkin bag (how's that for high-low dressing?), Oree New York sneakers, a camo face mask by masQd, and a sleek white manicure that pops against the dark green hue of her outfit.

Jennifer Lopez's Baby Blue Sweatsuit


J.Lo apparently loved the previous look so much, she recreated it with a few slightly different details days later. On Dec. 22, the actor was seen shopping in Miami in this baby blue Pangaia sweatsuit, which she also paired with a black Birkin bag, Nike sneakers, and a bedazzled mask that subtly complemented the look.

Jennifer Lopez's Blue Sweatsuit

Though J.Lo clearly loves a sweatsuit for many different occasions, like the rest of us, she also wears them just to chill at home. That said, she still doesn't skimp on accessories even when she's just working on her holiday decorations. For this particular situation, Lopez paired a blue Frankies Bikinis set with tie-dye Nike Air Jordans, gold hoop earrings, and a glossy lip.

Jennifer Lopez's Yellow Sweatsuit

Though Lopez typically doesn't go full monochrome with her sweats outfits, the actor decided to on this particular weekend in December. Wearing head-to-toe Ivy Park (a look that's sadly sold out), J.Lo paired the golden outfit with matching Timberlands, Fendi Karligraphy sunglasses, and even a mustard-yellow couch.