We Can’t Stop Watching This Video Of January Jones’ Bath-Time Routine

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January Jones took to Instagram during the coronavirus pandemic to show off her bath routine

"Hi there! Um... I just wanted to do a little video 'cause I'm... bored," said January Jones in an Instagram video on her feed March 18. It's a sentence many can relate to while much of the world is stuck inside during the coronavirus pandemic, practicing social distancing and finding ways to stay entertained. And while Jones' bath-time routine, which she promptly gave a step-by-step tutorial for following her introduction, probably wasn't *quite* as relatable to the general public, it was a mesmerizing ritual that will surely pull you out of boredom for a good two minutes and nine seconds. And who knows? It may even teach you a self-care trick or two.

Wearing a mud mask (and a lime-green scrunchie, and a sequined caftan, naturally), Jones proceeded to list out all the products she uses to create what she refers to (somewhat unsettlingly, but somehow still charmingly) as a "human stew" a couple of times a week. The former Mad Men actor starts by making a bubble bath using "lavender bubbles" and a couple drops of thieves oil from Young Living — a fairly normal start. But then, the actor begins to take a more unexpected approach.

Immediately after, Jones explains that she's going to pour in a "small thing of baking soda," seemingly dumping an entire box into the bath. This slightly unconventional addition is closely followed by a generous pour of apple cider vinegar ("I know that sounds really weird," she acknowledges), and then the star finishes the concoction with two scoops of salt. "You can do a pound. A pound of baking soda, a pound of salt, sea salt, epsom salt, whatever you have."

According to Jones, for best results you should sit in the mixture for at least 20 minutes in very warm water: "So you can read a book or listen to a podcast or whatever you want to do while you sit there and enjoy!" And considering many will probably be doing those activities anyway while stuck at home, it's definitely worth considering soaking in Jones' bath-time mixture while doing so. If nothing else, it's sure to make for some really good Instagram stories — Jones' own video is proof enough of that.

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