Jada Pinkett Smith's Skin Care Secret Costs $0 & Yes, It's Easy Too

Alessio Botticelli/GC Images/Getty Images
Jada Pinkett Smith skin care routine how to.

In the 10-step routine era, rare are the moments when following celebrity skin advice costs you less than $100. Finding a celeb-approved skin care technique that's completely and totally free is even fewer and farther between — which means that the "secret" behind Jada Pinkett Smith's skin care routine is like a needle in a haystack. Over the holiday weekend, the actor and talk show host opened up about her skin care routine with daughter Willow Smith on Instagram, in what she promised fans will be the first of many future skin-focused installments.

"I know a lot of you have been asking about my skin," Smith said in the post, sporting an unnamed sheet mask in front of a fireplace. "I'm going to start sharing with you products that I use. They are not products that sponsor me."

First up, though, wasn't a product at all — rather, Smith began with the importance of facial steaming, which she dubbed one of her secrets. "Today we're going to be talking about steam. Steam is my number one go-to, and you don't need a steam room," she explained. "Boil some water, put it in a bowl, get a towel, put your face over the bowl, and put the towel over your head. It's that simple."

You don't need to wait very long to steam your skin like a Smith, either. "Sit under the towel for 1-2 minutes," Smith added in the caption of the IG post. "This process helps to keep skin moist... to pull out impurities and to open [pores] to put nourishment into the skin."

According to Smith, she steams her skin "at least three to four times a week," enhancing this naturally moisturizing step with eight or nine bottles of water a day. "The next thing that I do, I know you hate it, but water! I drink so much water," she added while holding up her current bottle. "Usually that's the only thing I'm drinking. I don't drink soda, I don't drink a lot of juice, I don't drink a lot of alcohol — I might have a glass of wine maybe three times a year."

So go forth, and be affordably moisturized. Follow along with Jada Pinkett Smith's Instagram for future skin advice; the star has already hinted at addressing diet, as well.