This Trending Decor Style Could Be The Key To Making Your Home Exponentially More Cozy


Sorry, minimalists, but it looks like one of the trendiest interior design trends, cottagecore decor, adopts a more-is-more philosophy. According to Google trends, the quintessentially cozy style, which is all about textiles, furniture pieces, and decorative accents is up 33x in search since January. The beauty of this aesthetic is its ability to instantly transform your home into a charming and whimsical destination — which sounds about right, considering the fact that social distancing requires everyone to spend a lot more time indoors, and thus wanting their space to feel both totally transportive and inviting.

So what exactly defines this style? "Cottagecore is a curated collection of nostalgic home goods and décor," explains Marina Hanisch of Marina Hanisch Interiors. "It idealizes the prairie-eques cottage life, layered with loads of whimsy, color, and maximalism." Think lots of vintage (or vintage-inspired) touches — reminiscent of something you'd see in a fairytale cottage, like botanical motifs and rustic furniture pieces softened with cozy cushions or draped in feminine fabrics.

According to Hanisch, the desire for the design style has grown momentum due to the soothing aesthetic it provides. "The home has become such a vital and safe haven for many people," she explains. "Cottagecore has helped bring back nostalgia and a romanticized aesthetic that is reminiscent of life in the countryside surrounded by nature, animals, pattern, color. It’s all about the continuation of adding in the things that you love and bring you comfort."

But if maximalism doesn't exactly sounds like your cup of tea, there are still plenty of small ways to introduce the feel of cottagecore into your home without going totally overboard. Some of Hanisch's essentials for the style? Mushroom stools, ceramic floral dinnerware, lace tablecloths, teakettles, and patterned wallpaper, to name just a few. "Add in whimsy, one piece at a time," she recommends to those who wish to experiment with the trend. "Start with kitchenware and incorporate it with your everyday selections. The mix and match effect will feel eclectic and layered." Ahead, find a few pieces that can help you get the cottagecore look — and in turn make your space feel cozier than ever.

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