Learn How To Make Cloud Bread From This Insta-Famous Mother-Daughter Duo

Influencer Brittany Xavier & Daughter Jady, the famous mother-daughter duo posing

When they're not being photographed in matching Dior and Paco Rabanne outfits or creating choreographed dance videos for Instagram, dynamic influencer duo Brittany Xavier and her daughter Jadyn can be found doing very normal — mundane even — things. In fact, like much of the world, the pair has found themselves in the kitchen lately, cooking up things like the TikTok-famous cloud bread that's seemingly given sourdough and banana varieties a run for their money.

"Jadyn actually sent me the recipe a while ago, and we've been wanting to try it," says Brittany, explaining that part of the recipe's appeal is that it's so simple. "There are only three ingredients," chimes in 13-year-old Jadyn. Yes, just sugar, cornstarch, and egg-whites are needed for the fluffy treat that has quickly turned into a social media phenomenon. "The main thing with this recipe is that you have to use an electric mixer because, if not, it takes forever to make it really fluffy," says Brittany of the bread's one caveat. "It almost reminds me of angel food cake when it's done — it's very fluffy and light. So good."

Because of its sugary content, the mother and daughter agree that cloud bread is best eaten as a dessert. "You can serve it like strawberry shortcake and add strawberries and whipped cream," suggests Brittany. "Or you can just eat it by itself."

And while many have stumbled into cooking due to an excess of time indoors (and need for distraction), the Xavier's owe their culinary escapades to the cooking program at Jadyn's school in Los Angeles. "They're doing their classes through Zoom, and you have to make these recipes for your family, so everyone gets to try it. That's been really fun. We've been able to try different recipes, and everything turned out really good. It's inspired us to share more about cooking on social media."

Yes, now, in addition to their ultra-stylish mother-daughter photo ops, you'll find culinary moments peppered in, as well. And, with fall and the holiday season in full swing, Brittany says there's one recipe in particular she's yet to give a whirl, but is eager to: "Pumpkin pie — we ˆlove pumpkin pie."

The 33-year-old blogger explains that the entire Xavier clan (which, in addition to Jadyn, includes her husband Anthony and French bulldogs Eloise and Mabel) is indulging in festive past times, including the most seasonal one of all: Hallmark movies. "We started watching Christmas movies when quarantine started [back in March], to lighten the mood," explains Brittany. "And for some reason, that really helped us mentally. So, now, we try to do a family movie every week and make it a little hangout with snacks and stuff."

Brittany Xavier

Now, for those who love the Xaviers for their fashion content, rest assured, they're not slowing that train down anytime soon. In fact, one glance at either of their IG accounts and you'll see the two are still serving up the style in full force. In fact, they're both avid supporters of the recent "'90s vibes" taking over the runways and social media feeds. "We both are always wearing baggy pants," says Brittany, who explains their similar fashion sense can lead to frequent borrowing — or stealing, depending on who you talk to. "I thought I lost my favorite earrings, and I texted my mom, brother, everyone asking if they'd seen them. Then, Jadyn came downstairs and there were my earrings!"

Aside from the occasional missing accessory, this mother-daughter duo is definitely making the most of their time indoors. And, from the look of their kitchen creations, their binge-worthy content is just getting started, and we're here for it.