This $16 Eyeliner Stayed On While I Built Ikea Furniture, So It's Got To Be Good


If I had one beauty superpower, it would be the ability to master a beautiful, wispy cat eye in a matter of seconds. Sure, I could sit at my vanity and go at it for hours, but my packed schedule and commute doesn't allow for that. So a product that makes the process easier without sacrificing pigment and precision is what I strive for, and Glossier's Pro Tip Liquid Eyeliner, launched Nov. 4, may be the one to aid in my quest — so I gave myself a week to test it out.

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Typically, I reach for Eyeko's Eye Do Liquid Eyeliner on a daily basis. The waterproof formula never disappointed in providing me with a deep black, non-smudge finish. Pro Tip checks all of the aforementioned boxes. My first thought after applying the liner was how easy the flexible tip made it to achieve a cat-eye in seconds, thanks to its brush tip. I normally just do a wing at the corner of my eyes, but wanted to see how easy it was to line my whole lash-line. Spoiler alert: it's incredibly easy. The bendable tip was designed with flexible fibers, which allows for a smooth glide.


To note: the new liquid liner came just months after the release of the brand's Brow Flick — another one of my favorites. I love microblading but don't love the discomfort that comes with it, so I'm a big fan of the pen's inky payoff. Pro Tip has just as much wearability — the moment I opened up the product, I eagerly swatched it on my hand to see how long it'd last without using makeup remover. I'm an admitted germaphobe and wash my hands frequently, but despite all of my scrubbing, my swatch was intact for three whole days. As for the wear on my eyes, the staying power was equally as impressive. In the morning I applied it around 8:30am, and it held up until I got home at 7:00pm. The press release claims the product to stay put for 12 hours, which I can vouch for as my wing still looked good at the end of the day. And I noticed the formula to dry quickly in between coats, helping to create a non-smudge finish. I've only been the proud owner of the Pro Tip for six days, but I've used it four times. And not just sitting at my desk — it lasted through jam-packed weekend days. It held up through a lazy Saturday lunch with friends, while I built Ikea furniture, and throughout late-night drinks at a crowded bar. And it held up through a long, leisurely walk through Central Park on Sunday, prompting me to start my week with it on Monday, too.

For best application, it's recommended to shake first. And included is an internal ball shaker which mixes up the formula, helping to glide on your lid, creating a smooth line that doesn't drag like others on the market. Need even more reason to test out the liner? The press release notes the product is ophthalmologist and dermatologist tested, hypoallergenic vegan, and cruelty free.

Kelsey Stewart

My only concern was the pigmentation. For me, one swipe wasn't enough. After three swipes, I got the jet black look I was yearning for. So if you're looking for a one swipe and you're done product, this one may not fulfill that for you. But if you're in the market for an easy-to-use liquid liner, I can't recommend this one enough. If you're like me, jealous of those jaw-dropping cat-eyes spotted on girls out in public, I'm confident the Pro Tip will allow everyone (even beginners) to achieve the look.

Below, shop Glossier's new Pro Tip and master the cat-eye of your dreams, in minimal effort. Plus, the adorable millennial pink packaging doesn't hurt either.