Glossier Brow Flick Might Just Replace My Beloved Boy Brow: Review


Not to sound vain or anything, but I think one of my best qualities is my loyalty. My friends and fam can vouch — I'm a ride-or-die kind of chick. I hold that same devotion to Glossier Boy Brow. I've given many gels, pots, and pencils the old college try, but there isn't another product that can take its place. So when news of Glossier Brow Flick hit my inbox, I read it from top to bottom and, admittedly, was marginally interested.

How on earth could Glossier beat the product that sold every 32 seconds last year (as it claims)? But eventually, I found myself rereading the pitch and staring at the campaign imagery. The models possessed the arches of my dreams — full, fluffy, and natural-looking. By the time the pink bubble wrap pouch hit my desk, I was yearning to see if Brow Flick was worth the trade-up.

The brand describes the product as a microfine brush-tip detailing pen that gives their community the ability to "add more brow to their brow." The felt-tip brush applicator helps you draw light, featherlike strokes in areas where your arches might look sparse, or when you want to extend your tail out a little bit. The pen's copolymers (three water-resistant film formers) help the formula stay on longer, which is essential for the summer — I'm definitely prone to sweating.


Brow Flick was actually formulated to be used with Boy Brow, and the brand recommends etching your shape with the pen first, and then follow up with the pomade for definition. Before I got to work, I swatched the Black pen on the back of my hand and was slightly concerned by the barely-there pigment. I'm predisposed to a darker and thicker line — which actually works against me, now that I think about it, since I always have to clean up with a little bit of makeup remover. At any rate, I was still super down to see how the product actually looked on my face.

So, following the exact directions from the brand, I held the pen at a downwards angle and started etching in from the center of my brows all the way to the tail, like I normally do with the pomade. I'm so glad that I actually tried it on my brows rather than the back of my hand — this stuff shows up, and shows out. I'm very particular when it comes to brow products anyway, as it's not easy to find hues that pop on my dark brown skin. But the rich superfine pigments gave me the depth that I wanted without much effort on my part. I almost think that I might've gone too hard with my etching and sketching, especially after I filled in with Boy Brow in Black and locked in the shape with a coat of the Clear formula. However, I was really into the long and precise shape that the pen provided. It made me look like I actually tried, when in reality, it only took a few swipes to get my shape.

I still won't be parting with Boy Brow anytime soon — you'll have to pry the little silver and white tube from my cold, dead hands — but I'm happy to welcome Brow Flick into the fold.