Fans Of Huda Beauty’s Liquid Body Highlighter Will Love This New Powder Formula

Courtesy of Huda Beauty
The new Huda Beauty highlighter is meant for your body and comes in a large compact.

There's nothing quite like a good highlighter. It's the rare product that in one sweep can take your face from a basic everyday look to that of a glowing goddess. So when Huda Beauty dropped its N.Y.M.P.H. range for highlighting your body, it's no wonder it became a cult favorite. Whether you, too, fell in love with the formula — or shied away from its liquid consistency — you'll be stoked for the release of Huda Beauty's N.Y.M.P.H. All Over Highlighting Powder.

While most highlighter compacts are proportional to your face — aka fairly small — the newest addition to the brand's current line of body highlighters comes in a pan 10 centimeters across and is its first-ever solid version for the body. It's available on Huda Beauy's site for $55 and can be coupled up with the brand's new $40 N.Y.M.P.H. Highlighting Powder Brush.

Although the brand already has a liquid version of body highlighter, founder Huda Kattan was ultimately drawn in by the opportunity to give fans choices. "People like to have options!" says Kattan in an email to The Zoe Report. "We know some people love liquid formulas and some prefer powder. Beyond that, I just really wanted to create something super unique! I specifically chose the rose design of this highlighter as it embodies modern femininity and strength. The delicately frosted compact in hues of rose gold, juxtaposed by the edgy, origami nature of geometry in the highlighter design spoke volumes to me."

Courtesy of Huda Beauty

Making up this new powder is a blend of bronze and rose-colored shimmer and pearl pigments, which gives it a shimmer that's easy to work with and use in multiple ways. “It’s a really universal shade that’s super versatile in that it’s equal parts highlighter as it is blush," says Kattan.

Because of its versatility, you can also easily mix it with your other favorite products. Kattan likes to dust the powder on top of her face makeup and even add other forms of highlighter underneath — specifically, the brand's cult-favorite liquid formula.

“I personally apply our liquid N.Y.M.P.H. underneath my foundation for a subtle glow," says Kattan. "So, I would use them together and just add our new highlighting powder on my cheekbone as a finisher!" And of course, as the name implies, the new powder isn't just for your face. "They were both designed for all-over use as well so I would urge people to try using powder for definition on the décolletage and areas like that, whereas I would use the liquid all over the legs and arms and larger surface areas of the body!”

Starting July 22, you can shop the new highlighter and brush on Huda Beauty's website.

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