This Is The New Way To Stack Your Rings

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If you're obsessed with jewelry, then you likely consider the process of layering and stacking your favorite pieces together an art form. Various metals, settings, and gemstones all add to the formulating of a beautifully-stacked hand full of rings. Add to that a cool hue of nail polish, and you're working with a highly creative situation that's worthy of an Instagram or two. Over the last several years, how to stack rings in a trendy, 2019 way has changed and morphed. For this season, though, stacking is still entirely on the table. The look du jour seems to be wearing a ring on every single finger — a horizontal stack, if you will.

Eriness designer Erin Sachse chalks this up to the fact that jewelry is all about embracing the fun in styling. “Stacking jewelry is an opportunity to be creative, expressive, and playful through blending simple and timeless silhouettes with colorful unique styles," she tells TZR. "It's always fun to look down at my hands and see a bunch of colorful rings stacked on each finger.”

The best part about wearing rings on all of your fingers is that the styles you pick out of your jewelry box can steer you towards different moods and aesthetics. If you're feeling romantic opt for pearls and diamonds. Going for something more eccentric? Add in a mood ring and maybe some moonstone. And for a minimalist vibe, grab some cool signet rings and chunky styles and stack 'em up. You get the idea: It's very versatile and very fun. Ahead, see how Instagram's most inspiring influencers are tackling the horizontal ring stacking trend and shop the picks to test drive each of the formulas.

Estate Sale

Reach for baubles that feel like they've been plucked straight from an elegant estate sale for a relic-inspired vibe. Go for colors that feel slightly sun-stained, like emerald and lavender.

Delicate and Diverse

Pick rings in a variety of shapes and that feature diverse stones for a well-balanced and entirely dainty spread. To finish, swipe on a bright red nail lacquer and a printed top.

Gold and Glitzy

Add glamour to an offbeat nail polish color with a slew of gold rings featuring dainty diamonds and contemporary jewelry silhouettes. It's not simple per se, but it's at least somewhat streamlined.

Chunky Gold

The chunky, architectural gold jewelry trend is still alive and well, which is why marrying it with the stacking ring look is bound to look oh-so-cool.

Arts and Crafts

Why wear one statement ring when you can wear several entirely different styles? It makes for a fun party look that's bound to spark a conversation or two. Don't forget the nail art, too.

More Is More

No need to stop at one ring per finger, stack as many as you want for a truly inspiring layered look that's great for showing off your well-curated collection.

Modern Minimalist

Chunky silver and gold jewelry feels very of the moment in that it's maximalist without ever being too loud. Add a milky white nail polish for a monochrome effect.

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