How To Wear Pearls Every Day Of Your Life, No Matter The Occasion


Let's take this back to my middle school days, which is precisely when my obsession with pearls began. Though I strove to be one of the first to experiment with trends in my small hometown, I also frequently succumbed to buying what everyone else had, which in 2007 meant a single-strand fake pearl necklace from Target paired with matching earrings — chic, if I do say so myself. Though the way I dress has drastically evolved since then (thank goodness), there's one element of my style that's held true: I still want to wear pearls every day of my life.

Luckily for me, 2018 made that dream possible. While I don't really remember seeing much in the way of cute pearl accessories over the last decade or so, this year brought what could only be described as an onslaught. There has been plenty of pretty jewelry, but they've also embellished everything from heels to to the humble cardigan, making once basic items into pretty, shiny pieces I suddenly couldn't stop thinking about.

Want proof? Just look at this cardigan from Musier to see what I mean. Pre-pearls, it was just another ribbed sweater. Post-pearls? It solidified its spot as a must-have piece in every It-girl's closet. And that's not the only item to take over Instagram thanks to the addition of a few of these gemstones. Reliquia Jewellry debuted their eye-catching hair clips, and almost instantly pearl-covered hair accessories became the need-to-try trend in 2018.

I realize that pearls might still feel a bit too stuffy for some people; but being that my style icon is Grace Kelly, wearing pearls every day doesn't really seem like a stretch. So on the chance that I haven't yet convinced you to ditch all your other jewels in the new year, keep reading for a some of the prettiest pearl pieces I've found in my many, many searches, along with my advice on exactly how to pull them off.

Dress Down A Classic

Though I'd definitely recommend giving some alternative pearl pieces a try, there's absolutely nothing wrong with sticking to the classic: pearl jewelry. Make it modern by choosing pieces with unexpected designs, and pairing them with casual outfits for the ultimate juxtaposition. My go-to is a pair of black pants, a white button-down, and a pair of pearl earrings, but you can make pearls even more dressed-down with a tee and some denim.

Costa Ring


Hernán Herdez

This ring takes the spot as my favorite piece of 2018 — it's that good. I'd wear this with my everyday uniform — jeans and a simple, plain top — and for a date night with a skirt, a sweater, and heels.

Audrey Earrings


Sophie Buhai

Break away from the traditional pearl-and-metal pairings with these pearl earrings made with glass and sterling silver. The pair, which was handcrafted in Los Angeles, has an elegant look that's reminiscent of a Johannes Vermeer painting – but in an unexpectedly modern way. Wear them with tailored trousers, a basic blouse, and simple black mules.

Wear The Pearls In Your Look, Instead Of On It

The best part of this trend's revival? Pearls have moved past just accessories and straight into the heart of your outfits. Instead of adding jewelry or a bag to a look, opt for a dress or cardigan that's adorned with a few pearlescent additions.

Sunna Knit Dress - Sand


Peet Dullaert

This hand-crocheted dress, which is crowned along the hemline with baroque pearls, is ideal for an evening out in a warm locale or dressed down during the day over leggings and paired with sandals.

Pearl Top



Wear this alone for a new take on holiday dressing, or layer it over something more casual for the prettiest addition to an everyday ensemble.

Work Some Dainty Pieces Into Your Hair

Hair accessories are one of the hottest trends to hit Instagram in 2018, and pearl clips and bobby pins are the perfect way to try this out. If you want to keep it simple, add one or two into your hair — or go all out and pair them with pearl jewelry to fully embrace the trend.

Fabiana Clip


Reliquia Jewellry

The beauty of this piece is its extreme versatility. Thanks to its playfulness, it looks great added to a casual T-shirt, jeans, and sneakers combination. However, pair it with an elegant LBD and you've got a night-out look that's completely original.

Calder Pearl Bobbi


Lelet NY

This bobby pin is so simple — but so stunning, too. It's yet another versatile piece that can go from high to low in an instant.

Add Unexpected Pieces To Any Outfit

One of the most modern ways to wear pearls is to infuse them into your daily look in unexpected ways. Forget jewelry — a faux-fur handbag with pearl handles or a chic corset dotted with oversized pearls will incorporate the gemstones into an outfit in the least obvious — and arguably most fun — way.

Una Cream Bag



Don't hold back with this one — match it to a faux fur coat for a lesson in winter white dressing. Or, if minimalism is your thing, wear it with a sleek black look to enhance this bright white piece.

KIMHEKIM Venus Houndstooth Corset



Need Supply

Layer this over the matching jacket, a plain white tee, or a fancy dress — the choice is yours, because it all works.

Pair Fancy Shoes With Casual Clothes

No matter how fancy a pair of shoes, I'd argue that they can be worn every day when dressed down with a pair of jeans. Whether it's a pair of pearl-studded simple flats or heeled satin mules, some denim and a button-down shirt will hide the fact that you're wearing something fancy on your feet and turn an over-the-top piece into an everyday item.

BYEUUNS BIP18313 Silence Pearl Flat Beige



W Concept

With just a simple pearl detail added to the top of these mustard yellow flats, this is the way to wear the trend if you're a self-proclaimed minimalist.

Yuul Yie Beige Cocktail 70 Leather Pumps




You have to look hard to see the pearl on these when you're wearing them — which is what makes them so perfect. A flash of shine with a polished look will bring your workwear to another level.