This Is The Drew Barrymore Way To Mix Wallpaper Prints

Drew Barrymore / Instagram
Drew Barrymore's home features two wallpaper prints in one room

Mixing patterns has always been a difficult skill to master, especially when it comes to the home. While it's a fun maximalist look to try, it can also go awry quickly since it's all too easy to end up with a clashing mix or a combination that's louder than you intended. That's especially true when it comes to mixing wallpaper prints, which, unlike furniture and accessories, is much harder to alter once it's up on your walls.

That's why it's best to turn to someone who's mastered the look before you dive in — and it just so happens that Drew Barrymore has done just that in her own home. The actor and entrepreneur shared an image of her living room on Dec. 19, demonstrating her expertise with the wallpaper pairing in the background that featured a star pattern on her ceilings with stripes on the walls below. Rather than clashing, the prints complemented each other perfectly, providing a fun alternative to neutral walls.

This was no accident, though. Barrymore is actually somewhat of a wallpaper connoisseur herself, having launched an entire line of of it for her Drew Barrymore Flower Home collection at Walmart. And the 45-year-old continues to prove her knowledge at home with the curation of her own wallcoverings.

Barrymore may make her design choice look easy, but to try out this look, you'll want to follow a few rules of thumb. Like the Flower Beauty founder, choose colors that complement each other or stick to a general color scheme. Barrymore's wallpaper includes white, tan, and gray tones, but you can also pick two different patterns that both feature the same accent color. Additionally, stick with different types of prints; Barrymore chose one with shapes and one with stripes, but you could try something more dramatic and contrast, say, florals and gingham.

With more and more celebrities committing to the wallpaper trend (Kate Hudson and Karlie Kloss, to name a few), there's never been a better time to try it out — and what better way to do so than committing to double the look? Ahead, a few chic pairings to help you begin your print-mixing in style.

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