If You Like Hourglass’ Vanish Stick Foundation, You’re Going To Love Its Latest Launch


You know what they say: Why mess with a good thing? Well, when said thing is a best-selling product from a cult-fave beauty brand, and messing with it entails introducing an all-new formulation that's equally amazing, you may change your tune. Now, here's the news. Hourglass' Vanish Seamless Finish Liquid Foundation just joined its stick foundation counterpart — and it's proving that playing around with a good thing can sometimes be great.

Fan-fave Hourglass officially added the latest launch to the its line on Jan. 24, touting it as the future of foundation. The Vanish Seamless Finish liquid formula follows the now-iconic foundation stick of the same name, offering another application method to get the full, even coverage the foundation is known for. But why did the brand decide to deviate from the best-selling stick foundation in the first place?

"Our Vanish Seamless Finish Foundation Stick has become an iconic formula for us, and our founder, Carisa Janes, wanted to have an option with the same great benefits of the stick in a liquid form," Marc Reagan, Director of Artistry and Education tells The Zoe Report. "Some people just prefer a liquid foundation and now we have the two different formats available, both of which provide instant full coverage that feels completely weightless on the skin."

It's great to know the stick version isn't going anywhere if it's currently your go-to — but if you've been wanting to experiment with a more fluid formula, now's the time to do it. The liquid foundation, $56, comes in a range of 32 different shades and, just like the stick, has the coverage of a concealer and weightlessness of a powder (so you'll never have to cake on the product). In fact, Hourglass recommends using just half a pump to cover your whole face, so a little certainly goes a long way.

Another exciting feature of the new foundation? The super-concentrated pigment is so smooth, there's no need for a primer — just be sure to slather on your favorite moisturizer first. "This will allow the foundation to glide on with ease no matter what application tool you reach for," Reagan says. If you're going for full coverage, use the brand's Vanish Seamless Finish Foundation Brush in short circular motions to buff the product into your skin. But opt for a more flexible brush, or a damp makeup sponge, if you wand a more diffused look or a luminous finish. Either way, a flawless, natural face is your end result.

If you're already planning to pick up Hourglass' limited-edition Valentine's Day lipstick to perfect your pout, add its new foundation to your shopping basket while you're at it. Shop the just-dropped liquid formula below, and head to the brand's site to see the full range.