Honest Beauty's New Face Mask Will Be The Best Part Of Your Morning Routine

Honest Beauty
Honest Beauty's new Prime + Perfect Mask was made for mornings

At the end of the day, all a girl wants is to kick her feet up with a glass of Cab and her favorite face mask. Bet you never thought of making your masking ritual a *morning* thing (minus the wine, obviously). Enter: Honest Beauty's new Prime + Perfect Mask, the latest addition to your a.m. skincare routine.

Jessica Alba's beloved clean beauty company just dropped a few new products to kick off 2020: the LIT Powder Blush, available in four illuminating shades; an eyebrow pencil infused with conditioning jojoba seed oil; a tinted moisturizer with a boost of Vitamin C; and the Prime + Perfect Mask, designed to be used before (not after) heading out for the day.

It's kind of a novel concept — putting on a face mask in the morning — but Honest Beauty swears this is the key to getting a glowy complexion (yes, even in January) before you go to work. The mask is made from antioxidant-packed superfruits like blackcurrant extract and a healthy portion of shea butter for mega moisturization. Another key ingredient is Swiss ice wine — made from grapes that have frozen on the vine — so it looks like you won't have to forego your dose of vino after all.

Honest Beauty

Swiss ice wine became a hot term in the beauty industry back in 2016, when people started calling it a "face lift freeze cream" for its Botox-like qualities (grapes that are picked right after a big freeze can apparently harbor major smoothing and lifting properties). So, instead of paying $20 per unit, you can pay $20 for a whole bottle of Prime + Perfect and ward off signs of aging all the same.

This vegan, cruelty-free, and dermatologist-tested formula will leave your skin plumped, primed, and prepped for "makeup, mimosas, or Mondays," the brand says. And there's something to be said about taking 10 minutes for self care before getting ready for work in the morning.

You might just find that using Honest Beauty's new a.m. face mask is your new favorite time of day. Shop the Prime + Perfect Mask, ahead, or find it on Honest Beauty's website, Target.com, Amazon.com, or Walgreens.com.