Look To These 5 Hollywood Icons For Your Halloween Eye Makeup Inspo

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Costumes and candy may very well be the last thing on anyone's mind come Oct. 31 — just 72 hours ahead of a mid-pandemic presidential election — but then again, the concept of dressing up and pretending to be someone else has perhaps never been more appealing. So who will it be? A 1970s Cher, maybe? Grace Jones in the '80s? These beauty icons happen to be the perfect sources of mask-friendly Halloween eye makeup inspiration.

Over the decades, Hollywood has seen its share of memorable eye moments: Cher's exaggerated lashes and colorful eyeshadow; Amy Winehouse's unprecedentedly overstated cat-eye; or David Bowie's famous arctic circles in the 1971 video for "Life On Mars?" Such distinctive looks make choosing a Halloween costume in the era of face coverings relatively easy.

And masterly as these snazzy lids may look, the recent uptick in YouTube tutorial consumption has seemed to equip the average Jane with just enough expertise to pull off a legendary recreation. Here's your excuse to flaunt those quarantine skills: Five Halloween-worthy eye makeup looks to steal from history, ahead.

Cher's Exaggerated Lashes

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Cher is a Halloween costume no-brainer, responsible for countless discernible beauty and fashion choices between the '60s and '90s. One of her more generic trademarks was a soft violet lid, typically topped with Twiggy-like spider lashes. This paired with a jet-black wig would have anyone asking for a rendition of "I Got You Babe."

David Bowie Circa "Life On Mars"

David Bowie / YouTube

Since the debut of Bowie's electric-blue lids and fiery mullet in the 1971 video for "Life On Mars?," the singer has inspired a myriad of reproductions, especially around Halloween. Apart from his famous lightning bolt makeup look, this icy eye is one of the singer's most famous moments.

Grace Jones In The '80s

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Painterly lids have become a 21st-century standard, but back in the '80s, nobody was rocking more complex eye makeup than the legendary Grace Jones. Here, the year is 1985. She models mystic purple-on-black eyeshadow and a matching hairstyle, always with her signature rosy cheeks and dark lips.

The Amy Winehouse Cat-Eye

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Much like her permanent beehive, Amy Winehouse's cat-eye was large enough to warrant its very own zip code. The singer's characteristic winged liner was perpetually messy and looked to be applied in haste.

Boy George-Inspired Eyeliner

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And if you find you can't decide on just one eyeliner trick this Halloween, why not throw them all together in the style of Boy George? Here, you have a cut crease, an arrowed cat-eye, purple under-liner, a plum-dyed brow, and geometric dots, all wrapped up into one unmistakable look.