Halle Berry's "Skincare Secret" Involves 2 Ingredients You Can Find In Your Kitchen

Halle Berry's "skincare secret" involves this DIY face mask recipe.

Although by now you probably know that skincare doesn't necessarily have to be expensive, it can still come as a surprise to see a major celebrity like Halle Berry tout a DIY. Prepare for the momentary shock, though. For those that didn't know, the star has taken to Instagram before to share her own skincare recipes — though this time, Halle Berry's "skincare secret" happens to be her esthetician, Olga Lorencin.

Shared via Instagram video on Aug. 23, the duo teamed up to walk through products from the skincare expert's own line, as well as a Lorencin-approved DIY face mask recipe for when the budget's tight. "This is an EXTRA special #SelfCareSunday, you know why? Because I’m finally introducing you to my ultimate skincare secret," Berry wrote. "Her name is @Olgalorencinskincare, and today? We’ll be showing a facial you can DIY with one of her at-home kits! During COVID I haven’t seen her in forever so I’m VERY excited."

Although Berry does recommend trying an Olga Lorencin Skin Care at-home facial kit — "I definitely stand by the investment," she wrote — you can also reach for kitchen staples. "Buy some yogurt. Plain, full fat, because you want it as hydrating as possible for your skin," Olga Lorencin explained in the video. "And mix it with some honey — that's a base for any of your masks. Then you can add some banana mixed in for potassium. I love to add chlorophyll."

Berry shared exact measurements in the body of the post, as well, in case you aren't a "wing it" type of DIYer: one teaspoon of full-fat Greek yogurt ("vegan option = coconut yogurt," she added) and one teaspoon of honey. Then, if you have dry skin, add in an avocado slice and avocado oil; acne-prone skin can add "a bit of powdered charcoal." For inflammation or to reduce a breakout, add in a few drops of that aforementioned chlorophyll.

After you've gathered your chosen ingredients, Berry recommended mixing them together, massaging onto cleansed skin — both face and neck — then letting the mask soak in for 15 to 20 minutes. "For best results, relax in the bath or in a steamy shower for 5-10 minutes before rinsing it off," Berry shared in the post. "This mask is rich in probiotics, which are very helpful with skin balancing and congestion. The honey is a natural humectant — it attracts water from the air to your skin."

Prefer a less DIY take? Below, the exact Olga Lorencin Skin Care products mentioned in the video.

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