Why Gucci’s First Universal Perfume Deserves A Spot In Your Collection


Everyone knows the power of a fragrance to conjure up a specific memory or moment with certain people in a particular place — like how rose-forward fragrances always remind you of spring in your grandmother's garden, or spicy scents take you back to cozying up fireside when it's cold out. But what if a perfume blended notes together like never before, creating a completely new aromatic profile? The resulting bouquet of aromas would be one that transcends not only gender, but also time and place. That's exactly the case with Gucci's Mémoire d'une Odeur fragrance, the brand's latest and first-ever universal scent that explores totally uncharted territories. This is the fragrance to define your past, present, and future, all at once.

As with every perfume, Gucci's newest began with a spark of inspiration. Often perfumers will pinpoint a certain location — say, the Italian countryside or a sun-soaked tropical beach — or a particular moment in time, then attempt to evoke that exact moment with painstakingly blended scents. But for Gucci's Mémoire d'Une Odeur, $120, Creative Director Alessandro Michele turned to the very concept of memory itself as the foundation for this fragrance. The result is a celebration of the power of memories and a scent experience to be enjoyed by anyone, and everyone.

To conjure up your most meaningful memories in their rawest form, Gucci created an entirely new olfactive family dubbed mineral aromatic. Notes of herbaceous Roman chamomile combine with night-blooming honey-scented Indian Coral Jasmine to create an aroma that feels both nostalgic and forward-thinking at once. And though floral notes factor heavily in the fragrance, recall that Mémoire d'Une Odeur is crafted to be gender-neutral — so this won't smell like your mom's go-to powdery, flowery perfume.

In fact, it won't call to mind anything in your scent collection, making it supremely unique and able to transcend any expectations. Wear it year-round, day and night, to the office and on a date, with your most casual attire and when you're dressed to impress.

For the fragrance's dreamy campaign, Gucci called on an eclectic cast of 21 individuals, including actor, singer, and songwriter Harry Styles (who happens to have an affinity for the androgynous himself) plus more designers, artists, and musicians. The free-spirited clan were captured in various places on the outskirts of Rome, from a sunny make-shift picnic to scenes in medieval Montecalvello Castle. All the while, memories are the focus: those recalled, those made, those shared.

It makes sense that the fragrance would be bottled in a plain, nostalgic green glass bottle, too. It's striking enough in its simplicity to stand out on your vanity, but doesn't attempt to make a definitive statement about itself — it'll leave that up to you.

Snag Gucci's memorable new fragrance below.