Soko Glam Just Launched A Skincare Brand & It’s Stocked With Affordable Essentials

Courtesy of Soko Glam
Soko Glam's new skincare line features four new products.

Your desert-island skincare staples probably include vitamin C serum, moisturizer, toner, and cleanser. But despite these being the classic must-haves, they have their fair share of complaints. Ironically, moisturizer can be far from hydrating, C serum can be tacky, cleansers often leave traces of makeup behind, and toners get a bad rap for being underwhelming. This is something K-beauty skincare aggregator Soko Glam's customers brought to its attention, and with problems like this in mind, Soko Glam's new skincare brand Good (Skin) Days was born to reconfigure the classic (bathroom) top-shelf lineup.

This is the brand's first-ever exclusively owned skincare line, joining its curated list of other carefully selected K-beauty products. And considering Soko Glam co-founder Charlotte Cho has already produced her own skincare line, it's only fitting that the site got its own game-changing collection. Launched in June, the new line spotlights a few products that are set to be joined by others later in the season. Combined, the newbies easily serve as a budget-friendly, simplified skincare routine featuring A New Leaf Cream Cleanser ($16), C's The Day Serum ($26), On The Bright Side Moisturizer ($24), and Prime Time Cleansing Toner ($18), which will be available mid-summer 2020.

Starting with the A New Leaf Cream Cleanser, you'll find a lineup of all the ingredients usually shoved into those (not-so-tasty) green juices, such as fermented green tea, spinach, celery, and broccoli. It also has crushed mugwort to give your skin a gentle exfoliation, leaving you with a clean, soft complexion that's not painfully tight or stripped of oils. Following the cleanser is Soko Glam's Prime Time Cleansing Toner, which balances its skin-sloughing papaya and pumpkin enzymes with maple extract and Damascus rose water, which soften and soothe.

Also featuring improvements and raising the bar for similar products is the C's The Day Serum, a pure ascorbic acid-based formula with added vitamin E that gives you all the benefits of C sans the expected sticky texture. To finish out the routine, the On The Bright Side Moisturizer has an array of moisture-boosting ingredients like sake, probiotics, ceramides, and madecassoside, which, if you're unfamiliar, comes from centella asiatica (a medicinal herb) and helps soothe the skin.

Alongside the launch of the products is a new charity component of Soko Glam, called Good Days for All. This initiative will be driven by purchases of the line's products that will support two to three charities a year decided on by Soko Glam's community.

Shop the just-launched products from the new line below, and stay tuned for new drops within the collection this summer.

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