Go-To Just Released A Cleanser Called Fancy Face (& It Lives Up To The Name)

Courtesy of Go-To
Go-To's new Fancy Face oil cleanser and washcloth.

The most recognizable thing about the Australian skincare brand Go-To — after its cheery pink packaging — is how it names its products. Delightfully straightforward, Go-To may be known best for its Face Hero face oil, Very Useful Face Cream, and Exfoliating Swipeys (currently sold out on its website). Go-To's new Fancy Face cleanser stays on brand, too; the new cleansing oil launched online Jan. 28, bringing with it a tongue-in-cheek name and a luxe yet pared-down formula that lives up to it.

The $34 cleanser is game for anything you throw at it — whether it be a full face of waterproof makeup, a layer of sunscreen, or the general environmental wear and tear of going out into the world (think dirt and pollutants). “Cleansing oils are known for removing heavy makeup and sunscreen before your regular cleanser finishes the job, but they’re so much more than that," explained a press release quote from Go-To's Founder, Zoë Foster Blake. "They balance the skin, and cleanse without disrupting your acid mantle or stripping the skin of lipids, leaving your skin replenished and soft."

Each Fancy Face cleanser comes with one of the brand's new muslin Posh Cloths, as well; and you can always pick up the three pack for $10 if you don't feel like tossing yours in the washing machine every evening. "The ritual of the massage and warm cloth feels posh as," Foster Blake added.

Courtesy of Go-To

Fans of the brand will recognize some of the ingredients found in Fancy Face, particularly if they've used Go-To's Exceptionoil body oil before. Like Exceptionoil, the new cleanser features vitamin-rich sunflower oil (its first ingredient), softening sweet almond oil, damage-preventing rosemary leaf extract, and the antioxidant vitamin E. These additions work alongside the rest of Fancy Face's formula to leave your skin more nourished post-cleansing than it was before you started. Those who prefer extra-clean, double-cleansed skin can always follow up with a water-based cleanser too — like Go-To's Properly Clean, for instance.

At the moment, the only place to find Fancy Face is online on Go-To's website. Or, keep on scrolling to snag your own bottle (and kick off 2020 on a very fancy foot).