Glossier's Newest Balm Dotcom Flavor Is *Very* Summery

Courtesy of Glossier

Summer's so close, you can almost taste it. Well, actually, you can smell it now — thanks to Glossier's new Mango Balm Dotcom. According to a post on the brand's Instagram, the latest flavor of Glossier's cult-favorite lip and skin balm was inspired by "perfectly-in-season" mangos. And (predictably) fans are going wild; after being posted on Instagram March 19, Mango Balm Dotcom's official announcement video has been watched over 100,000 times in 3 hours.

Is there a more diehard fanbase than Glossier's? Didn't think so. But why does a $12 mango-flavored lip balm instantly garner so much hype around its release? The reason is beyond Glossier's adoring fanbase and millennial pink-hued packaging. The original, fragrance-free Balm Dotcom has been a hit since the beginning: The salve is formulated with the lip-saving emollients lanolin, castor seed oil, and beeswax. But it was probably the Birthday Balm Dotcom — a shimmery, cake-scented lip balm inspired by Milk Bar's famous Birthday Cake — that sealed the deal. After it dropped back in 2017, the rest was history.

Glossier also notes in the product description that the Mango Balm Dotcom has a "translucent coral tint", making it even more perfect for summer. You don't have to just use it on your lips, either; you can swipe a layer of the thick balm onto wherever you're feeling dry. Glossier credits cupuacu fruit extract for the balm's moisturizing capability.

Courtesy of Glossier

A new flavor is far from the only exciting thing happening in the world of Glossier, too. The company recently released its new brand Glossier Play, which ushered in a lineup of colorful, sparkly makeup different than Glossier's typical skin-first products (that have still managed to win over makeup minimalists, though). And even if you aren't a part of Glossier's cult following, someone you know probably is; the brand has over one million followers on Instagram, with the Wall Street Journal reporting March 19 that the company has over a one billion dollar valuation. Now that's the bomb dot com.

So go ahead and snag the latest addition from the online makeup brand that's shaken up the industry; the new mango-scented Balm Dotcom is below.