This Honey-Infused Haircare Line Is Coming To Sephora

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Courtesy of Gisou
Gisou products are joining Sephora in-store and online this month and next.

The thought of getting honey in your hair may make you cringe, but that might mean you've yet to come across Gisou. If you haven't doused yourself in its honey-saturated products (my bathroom floor is covered in the Honey Infused Hair Perfume) you're missing out. Luckily, you'll finally get your chance as Gisou launches at Sephora just next week.

Mark your calendar for Aug. 18 — or Sept. 1 for an in-store visit — when the brand makes its way onto the beauty retailer's shelves. While honey is known for its antibacterial and moisturizing properties in skincare, it has a whole host of other talents when it comes to your hair. Honey also happens to be a natural humectant (something that keeps moisture in), which gives it the ability to hydrate, strengthen, and nourish your locks. So, it makes sense why this ingredient would be the main focus of all of Gisou's formulas.

While it's hard to choose just one or two products worth talking about, the Honey Infused Hair Oil and the Honey Infused Hair Mask are lovable must-haves for your hair care collection. You can use the oil as a hair-styling product and even as an overnight treatment, and the mask boosts shine and elasticity for all hair types. Gisou has a shampoo and conditioner, too, and its saccharine hair perfume, among other products.

Aside from its honey infusions, the company has a section of propolis-based formulas, as well (propolis is a residue that bees produce, FYI). Two are sprays — one protects your strands from heat damage and the one is made for creating beachy waves — and the other product is a non-greasy Polishing Primer.

Courtesy of Gisou

Because this isn't just typical haircare, Gisou is adamant about having a conversation about conserving its most important business partner — bees. It considers itself to be a "bee-based" brand, and to provide support to this cause, it actively assists urban beekeeping efforts, ensures beehives are placed in large cities, and educates consumers about bees. The products, too, are cruelty-free and focused on sustainability.

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