ghd Finally Created A Hot Brush Tool — But It Won’t Be In Stock Long


Blow dry. Brush. Style. Your morning hair routine can be an arduous process that cuts into your precious sleeping time (and often into the rest of your day, too). And even when you do carve out extra minutes to ensure the process doesn't make you late, there's no guarantee your strands are going to cooperate, leaving you to succumb to the dreaded bad hair day. So what if you could reclaim those minutes (or hours) and get the style you want easily? Now you can with the help of one handy tool: ghd's new Glide hot brush.

The limited-edition multitasker is the brand's first-ever hot brush, and the $169 tool is here to help smooth your hair for an easy styling session that doesn't require way more time than you have. How does it work? Though it holds the same shape as a traditional brush and glides through your hair like one, too, this bristled tool brings the heat up to an optimum 365 degrees Fahrenheit styling temperature to be exact. That heat, combined with ceramic technology with ionizer, will help you achieve salon-level styling without leaving your bathroom.

Even better? You can give yourself a little morning head massage while you prep for the day. Since the heat is left to the shorter bristles, it leaves its longer friends free to give your scalp some TLC. On top of that, the bigger bristles protect your skin from the rising temperatures of its smaller counterparts.

Two additional features that'll come in handy as you pack your new partner in crime for summer travels? The tool's automatic sleep mode, which switches the tool off after 60 minutes of non-use, and its professional-length nine foot cord. After all, you never know where you'll find a coveted outlet when you're on the go.

Considering the hot brush is already marked as sold out at ghd (you can plug in your email to be notified when it's back in stock), it likely won't take long for the tool to fly off Nordstrom's digital shelves either. So on that note, continue on to snag the new Glide while you can still get your hands on it.