The Latest Drop From Fur Includes A Candle That Smells Like Its Signature Oil

Fur's Bath Bundle will help you feel relaxed during a hectic holiday season.

Not to alarm you, but being that Halloween has now passed, you're looking down the barrel of what's about to be a very hectic couple of months. Spare moments are sure to become few and far between as a packed schedule of holiday parties, gift shopping, and more shakes up your usual routine. But it's no more important than during this busy season to find time to unwind and treat yourself. And for that, look to Fur's Bath Bundle to upgrade your self-care rituals to new levels of relaxation.

In October, cult-loved body care line Fur brought back a throwback product you might've thought you'd heard the last of: bath beads. The '90s era bath accoutrements present a no-frills alternative to the kaleidoscopic, glitter-filled bath bombs you often see on Instagram, refocusing the attention on unplugging and unwinding — a practice that's pretty vital to surviving the holiday season.

But the brand that's best known for its deeply conditioning multipurpose Fur Oil, which is uniquely aimed at softening pubic hair and soothing the skin around it, wasn't quite ready to stop with the new launches. Thus the Bath Bundle, available now for $65 on Fur's site, was born.

Courtesy of Fur

The bundle, which dropped on Nov. 1, brings together Fur's brand-new Bath Drops with another exciting new addition — a signature candle. And if you're already a fan of Fur's original oil you'll immediately recognize the scent, because it's one in the same. So when you light the hand-poured candle (created by Brooklyn-based Joya Studio) and drop a few of the Fur Oil-filled bath beads into a warm tub, it creates a cohesive, spa-like experience. Perhaps that's why it's described as "replenishing and soothing" on the brand's site.

Fur's fresh soak set is also fit for gifting your most frazzled friends, and comes packaged in a pretty chartreuse silk pouch (no gift wrapping necessary). Users can repurpose the pouch for any tub-side accessories, so they're on-hand but out of the way.

Already anticipating a particularly hectic holiday time? Go ahead and grab Fur's new Bath Bundle below, carve out some quiet time, and suddenly that packed schedule won't seem so scary after all.