Body Care Brand Fur Just Gave This Retro Beauty Product A 2019 Twist

Fur's new Bath Drops in packaging

Imagine your dream fall day. Is there a pumpkin patch, or apple picking? How about a seasonally spiced latte? Now, what do you ideally do after spending all day traipsing around outside? That's right: slip into a warm, cozy bath. So, really, the timing of Fur's new Bath Drops couldn't be better. Debuted just in time for your post-pumpkin adventures, the $34 product comes with 18 doses of the brand's Emma Watson-endorsed Fur Oil — plus other bath-friendly, skin-moisturizing oils.

And chances are high that you've already heard about the brand's famously soothing Fur Oil — unless you've somehow dipped out on Instagram (where Fur has picked up close to 50,000 followers) and skipped reading Vogue (which plugged the product in its article "The Full Bush Is the New Brazilian! How to Transition Like a Pro"). In an industry that often ignores pubic hair care altogether — which is the key benefit of the multipurpose Fur Oil — the fact that Fur has landed its products at goop and Ulta means something for fans; and these new bath beads are made with the same ingredients they've come to adore.

With a minimal approach to boot. One of Fur's founders, Laura Schubert, compared the new bath beads to on-trend bath bombs in an email, noting that the latter is often "saturated with glitter and frills"; something that contrasts sharply with the uncomplicated beads. "So we see Bath Drops as a more subtle, calming, and simpler experience," Schubert explains to The Zoe Report.


"We're a brand that takes a lot of inspiration from the past, so when we reminisced about bath routines, bath beads immediately came to mind," Lillian Tung, Fur's other founder, continued. "They have such a nostalgic quality to them, which makes the experience of using them more precious than a simple soak."

However, unlike the bath beads of days gone by, Fur's new iteration uses vegan seaweed casings (versus the traditional gelatin capsules brands relied on in the '90s). And no, this doesn't mean the animal-product-free beads are any more difficult to dissolve; just drop one into warm water and watch it disappear.

In its place will be an enriching, skin-calming bath created from an impressive array of oils. Fur formulated its Bath Drops with a blend of vitamin-rich grape seed oil, hydrating jojoba oil, and cult-famous tea tree oil, all of which are found in the brand's fan-favorite Fur Oil. There's even a dose of Salvia Sclarea oil— otherwise known as clary sage — an ingredient Fur notes can sooth freshly shaved skin. "It’s like applying Fur, but you can lay down," the brand wrote on its Instagram account, @Fur_You.

All set to take the plunge? You can shop Fur's new Bath Drops on the brand's website, or grab your own jar just by scrolling down.