Flesh’s First Skincare Product Is Here & It’s Going To Seriously Simplify Your Morning Routine

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Courtesy of Flesh
Flesh's new SPF 35 Hydrating Serum

As great as sunscreen is by itself, it's even better as a multitasker. And Flesh's new Sheer Flesh SPF 35 Hydrating Serum — the first non-makeup product from the brand (besides a few chic accessories) — is a double-duty product that'll make SPF application easier on even your laziest of mornings. "The key point is in the name: it's sheer. It's exceptionally lightweight," says Christina Grasso, Digital Content Manager at Flesh, in an email to The Zoe Report about the new product. "It's everything you want from a sunscreen and a serum in one and nothing that you don't want. It isn't sticky, chalky, goopy, or clammy."

To be fair, on their own, sunscreen and serum both have drawbacks sometimes: Sunscreen is often chalky, can leave a shadow or white cast, while serum can be sticky, oily, or clammy. But sunscreen is something *not* to skip out on and serums can make skin oh-so soft; thus, Flesh combined the best aspects of the two into one $32 product that quickly absorbs into skin, protects against UVA/UVB damage, and hydrates for up to 24 hours.

As a whole, think of the product more like a serum packed with SPF 35 instead of a sunscreen packed with serum. It's formulated with glycerin, which maintains moisture and shields from outside pollution, while pomegranate and honey extract provide antioxidant protection and skin-smoothing effects. And when it comes to application, it's also more serum than sunscreen; apply it before makeup for a smooth, prepped surface.

Courtesy of Flesh

While a traditional sunscreen smell might bring you back to summer days running through sprinklers and sucking on ice-pops, Flesh wanted to bring you somewhere entirely different with Sheer Flesh SPF 35 Hydrating Serum's scent. "We love fragrance when it's appealing and not overpowering," Grasso explains about the brand's decision to include a mix of chamomile, orange, and lemon notes in the product. "We wanted this to smell like a walk in the hills of Capri in early summer: lemony, herb-y and mingled with sea air."

Grab the multi-tasking product on Flesh's website March 13.

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