This Pan Is So Chic It Doubles As Table Decor

Equal Parts

This year has been — among other things — a year of practically unprecedented time spent at home, which for many has included some serious culinary therapy. And if that describes the way you've been spending the last several months, it might behoove you to give your kitchen a stylish upgrade, starting with the tools you're cooking with. Equal Parts' new cookware collection offers exactly that, with pots and pans that are durable enough to be deemed chef-worthy, but also chic enough to double as table decor.

The buzzworthy brand first popped up in the cookware space last year, and after tapping its customers for feedback it launched an upgraded collection at the end of last month with tweaks to make its pots and pans even more valuable tools in your kitchen. Because customers are cooking more and taking more pride in their culinary creations, aesthetics were an important consideration. That said, the update includes four new colors and a slightly sleeker design, so they can go from your stovetop straight to your carefully curated tabletop without skipping a beat.

But looks are just one reason home chefs will love the revamped collection: It's built to make cooking easier and healthier, too. With a natural ceramic coating, the pieces are both non-stick and non-toxic, and the Equal Parts team put all the designs to the test to make sure they'll stand up to years of frying, sautéing, simmering, and whatever other tasks you'll be tackling while executing your favorite fall recipes. Besides that, they're stackable for storage and easy-to-clean, so by all accounts they're likely to become your new favorite cooking essentials.

The cookware line runs from $69 for the fry pan to $110 for the stock pot, but you can also save a few bucks by shopping them all in the four-piece-set. And while you're updating your arsenal, Equal Parts also offers a chef's knife, utensils set, oak cooking board, and baking sheet to complete your total culinary makeover just in time for the holidays.

Equal Parts

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