Meet Abacaxi, The New Fashion Brand That's Putting A Fruity Twist On Traditional Indian Silhouettes

by Danielle Naer
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Courtesy of Abacaxi
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Just in time for the 2020 Holi Festival of Colors, emerging fashion brand Abacaxi is launching its first-ever collection. The ready-to-wear brand's inaugural line, "Fruit Nostalgia," includes a whopping 33 distinct silhouettes — all of which are as festive as you'd expect. Each frock, top, and sari exudes adventure through light fabrics, rich color profiles, and vibrant motifs that you'll want to wear all year long. Fruit and flower patterns are tucked into most of the creations — some making a forthright statement, others taking a more subtle approach, deceiving the eye as buzzy, abstract patterns.

Founder and designer Sheena Sood created Abacaxi (Portuguese for "pineapple") as an homage to her motherland — the flavorful fruits she grew up with served as inspiration to create clothing that's just as rich and exotic. "Pitaya" and "mango"-colored saris punctuate the collection with a clear sense of the brand's heritage, while also striking a chord with the bright color trend that's exploded in recent seasons. There's also a punchy selection of tie-dye wares, which use a traditional technique from Rajasthan, India in which crisp lines of dye are left upon the fabric. Within this variety is the Divya Knit Blouse, which is featured in a distinct plummy color. For those who prefer something a little more on-the-nose, there's also a Nostalgic Fruit Beaded Tee, which feature tamarinds, star fruits, guava, and other exotic botanicals across its chest.

Courtesy of Abacaxi
Courtesy of Abacaxi

To sweeten the deal, it seems the brand is as chic as it is well-intentioned. As a minority and a member of the LGBTQ+ community, Sood was inspired to launch her own label as a way of transforming the world through her personal experiences. All pieces are handcrafted in India using natural fibers, but Abacaxi's plans to become sustainable don't end there. This summer, it'll release a line of zero-waste dresses made from vintage fabrics, so be sure to keep an eye out for more new releases.

Shop the brand's designs ahead, and head to its site for some great Holi-centric pieces that stay chic all year long:

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