Why Drybar’s Newest Launch Is About To Replace Your Old Bottle Of Dry Shampoo For Good


So it's a Tuesday (arguably, worse than Monday) and you slept through your alarm. That immediately cancels out the possibility of a shower, which means you're headed out the door with second-day hair. A quick spritz of dry shampoo helps you pull your look together and you're off to the office — only to notice an icky white film on your roots the moment you sit down at your desk. Sound like a familiar saga? Then you'll want to pick up a bottle of the brand-new Drybar Detox Clear Invisible Dry Shampoo.

How can one truly, fully express the saving grace that is Drybar? Not only does the country-wide salon chain offer up a stylish space to get a sleek blowout at a moment's notice, but its range of hair care and hot tools is also out-of-this-world good. The brand's products equip you to recreate its salon looks at home, and help you get more bang for your buck by making your freshly blown-out hair last longer. Yes, please. And the latest edition to Drybar's ever-growing range is no exception.

The just-dropped Detox Clear Invisible Dry Shampoo, $23, officially became available on Drybar's site on April 11 before landing in all its retail locations on May 3, and it takes the brand's hair-perfecting prowess to entirely new heights. It's a totally transparent formula (no more tell-tale white residue) that instantly absorbs your hair's naturally occurring oils as well environmental impurities to help your strands feel refreshed.

How is this even possible, you ask? Drybar's Clear Invisible formula manages to fly under the radar because it leans on a proprietary powder blend that includes potato starch, which is a completely clear thickener with a soft-touch texture. With each spray, you'll receive a dose of weightless oil-absorbing powder that refreshes your look with new body and bounce — and none of the chalky residue.

Drybar's newest product is sweetly scented with the brand's popular Blanc fragrance, which has notes of coconut, amber, and vanilla, so you can also kiss any post-workout odors goodbye with a few spritzes of this formula. And just like the rest of the brand's Detox Dry Shampoo collection, which includes tinted varieties and alternative scent options, it's incredibly easy to use. Just shake the can well and spray four to six inches away from your scalp. Pause for a beat then gently massage your roots and brush through the length of your hair. That's all there is to it.

Below, snag a bottle of the groundbreaking new second-day styling must-have for yourself, and don't stress next time you hit snooze — your strands will still be looking good.