Are Dessert Charcuterie Boards The Next Big Foodie Trend?

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Now that your culinary experiments are in full swing, it might be an ideal time to try out one of the latest foodie trends: dessert charcuterie boards. Just like it sounds, this buzzy new entertaining idea is like a sweets-only version of the cheese and cured meat platters you've seen dozens of times at events and at-home dinner parties. And since grazing before the meal is so satisfying and conducive to a social atmosphere, wouldn't post-dinner grazing offer the same effect? Therein lies the appeal of this trend — as well as a few others, as event experts are quick to point out.

As social distancing guidelines slowly begin loosening up, you're probably looking forward to getting back into some safe, small-scale entertaining. And that could be the perfect time to play around with a playfully curated dessert board that will offer your guests a variety of bite-sized treats to choose from. And according to event planners, they've become quite popular at intimate weddings, where an entire dessert table just feels like too much and a cake feels a little outdated. "Dessert boards are especially good for micro-weddings, where a plated dessert or formal dessert station usually isn't the best option due to the small guest count," says Sabrina Zeile owner of Weddings By Sabrina. "A dessert board is a more casual option that can also be very cost effective, plus it can be a fun DIY project."

Claudia Casanova, founder and lead planner for One Darling Day, adds that small weddings aren't the only place you'll see this trend popping up — it can also be the highlight of your next birthday party, shower, or low-key dinner soiree. "Guests can graze and enjoy the board a little bit more and maybe pair with a glass of champagne." Sound like something you want to try as soon as you're able to gather a few friends? Read ahead for Zeile and Casanova's advice on how to make a truly stellar sweets spread of your own.

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Choose A Theme

Whether it be a celebrating a holiday or specific event, or just coordinating with your decor, having a general theme will not only make it easier for you to curate your dessert board, but the end result will feel more personalized and purposeful for your guests. "For example, a summer camp theme could mean creating a dessert board with marshmallows, graham crackers, assorted chocolate bars, popcorn, Sour Patch Kids, Girl Scout cookies, etc," suggests Zeile.

It's All About Variety

According to Zeile, the idea is to make your board as eye catching as possible, which means combining a variety of colors as well as types/flavors of treats to appeal to different guests (think macarons, mini cupcakes, candy-coated chocolates, etc). You can also go monochromatic, sticking to different shades of the same color family, which will lend variety while feeling cohesive.

Add Texture

"Just like a cheese charcuterie think about texture," advises Casanova. "You want something with a crunch like a cookie, then add something soft like a dip or a jam to use as a spread. And don't forget to add some fruit to give something refreshing in between. Most importantly, have fun with it, its time to indulge."