Courteney Cox Just Nailed An Unconventional T-Shirt Look For Summer

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Seasons change, trends come and go — but sometimes, beloved staples acquire such staying power that they transcend the times, maintaining relevance throughout the ages and becoming cemented as timeless mainstays in any given arena. Friends, the nine-season American sitcom that seems to never get old, is so familiar yet unassuming that you can watch it over and over again, or leave it on as inexhaustible, comedic background noise in your home. The definition of classic is "remarkably and instructively typical," and Courteney Cox's black t-shirt definitely fits the bill.

The 55-year-old stepped out in Los Angeles on Tues. night, radiating an unfussy, ultra-cool vibe the actor's longtime Friends character, Monica Geller, could surely get behind. Relaxed trousers, leather slides, and a single gold chain collided for a no-frills, undeniably chic look with a notably masculine edge. With her brunette lob parted down the middle, Cox topped off the look with a pair of translucent aviators for a vintage-inspired flair. Demonstrating breezy summer style done right, the longtime actor laid the groundwork for one classic outfit combo that's worth copying, regardless of your personal aesthetic.

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What makes the black tee so golden is its undefeated versatility, the capacity to carry you through so many spaces in style. If you've got a nighttime affair on the agenda, swap out the slides for a pair of strappy pumps or square-toed mules — or edge it up with white sneakers during the day. Opt for colorful beads and seashell jewelry for a whimsical, Gigi Hadid-inspired touch, or grab a choker for an added nod to the '90s. Whichever sartorial route you take, the black tee will serve as the pillar of the look, and there are endless cuts to choose from. Start with The Zoe Report's selection of Cox-inspired tees below, and plan on hanging onto the truly classic item long after Friends leaves Netflix.

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