Swap Your Jeans For Spring's Biggest Pant Trend


Dressing for work during the colder half of the year tends to limit your bottom-half options to basically one thing: flared trousers (otherwise you risk frozen ankles and windburn). So by now you're well aware that there are only so many days you can break out the same pair of pants before fashion fatigue sets in. Luckily, just when you thought you couldn't wear the same black boot-cut style another day, cinched trousers are the spring 2019 trend here to rescue you. Season to season new unique details transform standard suit pants, (think paper-bag waists and asymmetric pleats) but cinches and ties on the bottom are the latest take. “There's a natural evolution and overtime [pants have gotten] wider and wider,” says Elyse Walker, founder of Elyse Walker and fashion director of FWRD by Elyse Walker. “But right now, we're bringing it all in. It’s the influence from all of the athletic-wear we are seeing.”

The appearance of these ankle-hugging styles on Spring/Summer 2019 runways ranging from Stella McCartney to Alexander Wang further solidifies the style as an official trend. “I love how Stella McCartney paired her cinched trouser with a more feminine top,” says stylist Courtney Madison. “Everything is about proportion, and an opposing silhouette is a natural progression of the trend.” She adds, “It's a great alternative to more serious suiting. I believe ease is a sign of elegance.”

Beyond being the ideal work slack, cinched and tie-bottom trousers also have become a trendsetter favorite because they allow the wearer to highlight their favorite footwear. Notes Walker, “I love a big, wide trouser, but you really lose the shoes or only get a little glimpse. It's a great opportunity to accent your shoes when pants are cut that way.” Walker suggests styling the pants with a clean pump or boot with a bit of texture — think leopard or python. “A boot will elongate the leg and make it look more approachable,” she adds.

Ahead, you'll find more ways to style cinched and tie-bottom trousers for spring along with the chance to shop your favorite pair to get going on your new favorite workwear (and weekend) pant trend.

Pop Of Color


If you want to make a statement, try a vibrant purple trouser as part of a monochromatic look. Mix textures by adding a cropped or tucked-in sweater in the same bright hue. “In general, I would do a cropped blazer or cropped sweater. I think that's a really good proportion," Walker notes. Stick to neutral accessories like a white boot and structured gray bag.

Sleek Leather


“I love these trousers because most are high-waisted, which means you can wear them with anything,” Madison says. “They would look amazing with a simple fitted tank and a great pump.” Pair patent leather cinched-bottom trousers with a fitted asymmetric top to accentuate the high-waisted cut. Finish the look with a clean, printed boot to accentuate your shoes below the cinch.

Cargo Pants


Cargo pants make for a nice entry point to the cinched-bottom trouser trend. Balance tough cargos by going for extra polish on top. A luxurious cropped teddy coat and a silky crepe top lend instant sophistication to the pants. Play up the utilitarian look with a textured belt bag and snakeskin boots.

Sleek Satin


“For a night look it's always fun to have a statement top and bottom,” says stylist Marissa Smith. A pair of sleek, satin cinched-bottom pants acts as both a statement on it's own and a foil for an eye-catching top. For your shoes, “look for something metallic or with sparkles,” Smith adds. Layer tights under floss heels for a trend-forward evening look.