ColourPop’s New Tinted Moisturizer Is About To Be Your Winter Skin Saver

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If you like a fresh, natural finish to your face, tinted moisturizer is one of those essential hero products. The right one will give you an ideal layer of coverage to even out your complexion, while a rush of hydrating ingredients imparts a healthy glow that keeps your skin plumped and fresh all day long. Basically, it's the skincare-makeup fusion that existed even before skincare-makeup hybrids were a major movement. And if you've been looking for a fresh take on the makeup bag must-have, ColourPop's new Pretty Fresh Tinted Moisturizer would be the one to try this season — just take a look at its hero ingredients to see why.

With fall weather officially starting to creep into the forecast, your skin will start craving moisture more than ever. And unless you want to deal with flaky, dull, or irritated skin, you'd do well to give your complexion exactly what it wants. And what better way to do so, than with a multitasking product that does the work of an effective moisturizer and a natural-coverage foundation in one? That's exactly what you'll find in Colourpop's latest launch, an uber-hydrating tinted moisturizer that promises to streamline your routine and protect skin as the drier weather sets in.

Colourpop's new Pretty Fresh Tinted Moisturizer, just $14 per tube, arrived on Sept. 26 as part of the accessible beauty brand's Pretty Fresh line of complexion-perfecters — which also includes a hydrating dewy-skin primer, a moisture-locking setting spray, and Colourpop's first ever makeup sponge for flawless application. The goal of the collection? To give you a healthy, glowing, fresh face that shows off your own beautiful skin.

It's not surprising to learn that the hero for the Pretty Fresh Tinted Moisturizer (and the other new launches) is one skin-loving ingredient you'll likely already find on your beauty shelf: hyaluronic acid. The moisture-attracting acid helps your skin look supple and glowy immediately on application and throughout the day, also keeping the pigment from settling into fines or flaking off your face. Coconut water joins in to support hydration without adding a slick, oily texture.

And six shade categories mean you can find your ideal match of Colourpop's new tinted moisturizer. The 24 hues are divided into fair, light, medium, medium deep, deep, and deep dark, and there are four colors to choose from in each. For flawless application, apply over a moisturized and primed face with a blending sponge (or even just your fingertips) — it should blend seamlessly into your skin for a natural, even finish.

Shop Colourpop's brand-new Pretty Fresh Tinted Moisturizer below, and scoop up the rest of the dewy skin collection on the brand's website.

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