Bliss Just Launched 2 Affordable New Serums That Dry, Dull Skin Will Love


While you're wishing, hoping, and pleading with the weather for even the slightest hint of sweater weather, your skin cells are collectively bracing themselves to be hit with the inevitability that comes with that initial blast of colder temperatures. Yes, dry skin is a nearly inescapable truth of the coming seasons — but if you're armed with the right skin care, you can cut back on just how dull and flaky your complexion can get. And thanks to Bliss' Glow & Hydrate Serum, you can get dewy, healthy skin in the face of unforgiving elements for only $20. You read that right.

It sounds hyperbolic, but there's a good chance that Bliss' range of budget-friendly products is one of the best things to ever happen to the drugstore beauty aisle. The brand's cult-loved masks and sensitive skin-friendly cleansers and moisturizers make cutting back on your skin care spending a compromise-free venture, thanks to top-notch formulations that get results that you'd expect from much more expensive brands. And the two brand-new serums that Bliss just added to its affordable aresenal may be some of its best yet (not to mention essential additions to your beauty shelf for dry skin season).

The Bliss Glow & Hydrate Day Serum and Renew & Smooth Night Serum, $20 each and now available at Target, are the double duty duo that's going to take down dry skin this season. As the names suggest, they're formulated to work around the clock — one during the day and one at night — to tackle the different signs of dry skin. The Glow & Hydrate Day Serum relies on a powerful blend of five percent special grade niacinamide (aka vitamin B) to cut back on dullness and diminish the appearance of pores for brighter skin. The antioxidant is joined by hyaluronic acid and vitamin E to plump and protect skin, so it looks dewy all day. So long, flakes.

Whilst applying the Glow & Hydrate serum in the morning locks in moisture during the day, the Renew & Smooth Night Serum works as you sleep to gently but effectively resurface your complexion for more even, less dull skin. The non-sticky serum is a six-acid blend of glycolic, polyhydroxy, and fruit acids that knock dead skin cells loose (effectively freeing up those precious pores) and promote regular cell turnover so you wake up with a brighter, smoother complexion with each use. Simply apply it under your nighttime moisturizer before your head hits the pillow.

Get ahead of dry skin season by stocking up on Bliss' powerful new serum duo from Target, below. Your skin says thank you.