Charlotte Tilbury’s About To Launch A New Version Of Its Instant Eye Palette For A *Very* Short Time

Courtesy of Charlotte Tilbury

Ever spend way more time than necessary digging through your makeup bag to find the few loose products you need for your go-to gorgeous eye look? It can get seriously frustrating when everything isn't in one place and you end up running late and running out the door with incomplete eyes when you finally give up on unearthing that last liner or shadow. That's the beauty of palettes which put every shade you need together, to end the excessive digging through your drawers — and Charlotte Tilbury's Instant Eye Palette is the one to do it. With 12 new shades that help you create four complete eye looks, this new and very limited-edition launch means you can ditch everything else for good.

If there's one thing that celebrity makeup artist and all-around beauty guru Charlotte Tilbury loves more than anything, it's a really great surprise. Her eponymous brand may have just dropped its brand-new Airbrush Flawless Foundation (which had an over 17,000 waiting list, by the way), but that doesn't mean it's done releasing more must-haves for your makeup shelf. In fact, quite the opposite.

Instead, Charlotte Tilbury has turned around with yet another surprise launch, in the form of a fresh iteration of its fan-favorite Instant Eye Palette. And considering the last two editions of this all-inclusive palette sold out in 2017 and 2018, you'll want to get your hands on the newest version fast — especially because you'll have just 24 hours to do so.

Courtesy of Charlotte Tilbury

Charlotte Tilbury's new iteration of Instant Eyes, dreamily dubbed the Star Eyes to Hypnotise palette, is launching for one day only on Sept. 12 at 4 A.M. EST. And if you love the idea of one shadow set that's equipped to create four complete eye looks, it's a total must-have. The new and very limited-edition palette, $75, contains 12 totally fresh shadow shades that are already organized for you by Tilbury herself into four dazzling looks that are practically foolproof to create. From warm, sultry shades to smoky, sexy hues, these shadows will have you set for day and night.

The collection of hues is arranged from light to dark, in looks called Happy Glow, Love Glow, Dream Glow, and Seduce Glow — each of which boast their own three shades in a priming base, enhancing, and smoke shade finish that melt into skin and blend seamlessly. Plus, thanks to real diamond powder, the shadows have no shortage of shimmer and show off a dazzling, jewel-like sparkle that's refined yet statement-making. Long story short, all eyes will be on you with these shadows on hand.

Set your calendar alert now to ensure you're on time to shop this sure-to-sell out palette as soon as it drops. Pro tip: Follow Charlotte Tilbury's Instagram account for VIP access ahead of everyone else.