Chanel's New Boy De Chanel Collection Offers Luxury Makeup Specifically For Men

Makeup and skincare from Chanel's Boy de Chanel 2020 Collection.

The boys are back in town. Chanel's Boy de Chanel 2020 collection has arrived for the modern man following the advent of the house's "makeup for men" line back in 2018, reinstating a binary-bending view on beauty. That said, florals and hot pink are still not to be found — the 2020 Boy de Chanel launch offers its pared-down makeup essentials wrapped up in dark, almost discreet packaging. (It echoes the look of Chanel's Bleu de Chanel cologne, which doesn't feel coincidental.)

This isn't the luxury version of three-in-one body wash/shampoo/conditioner, though. Although less complicated than the cutting-edge beauty products often churned out these days for a stereotypically female market, the Boy de Chanel 2020 collection's four products act as vital building blocks for a consumer perhaps new to beauty: a concealer, an eye pencil, a nail polish, and a moisturizer.

Yes, skincare fans — here's one for you. The Boy de Chanel Fortifying Gel Moisturizer ($80) is designed as a non-greasy hydrator specifically for those who often shave their faces. Spiked with hyaluronic acid and green coffee extract, the formula succeeds on three fronts; first, protecting skin against day-to-day pollution; secondly, calming down post-shave skin; and lastly, creating a clean, smooth canvas for any makeup he might put on top. (Looking at you, Boy de Chanel foundation.)

Though if the boy de Chanel wants to skip straight to concealer, that works, too. The $45 Boy de Chanel Concealer will probably tempt the other genders, since it's a blemish and under-eye formula that's both long-lasting and sweat-proof. Boasting a shine-free finish, it'll be available in eight shades that correlate with the Boy de Chanel Foundation's similarly sized range.

Courtesy of Chanel
Courtesy of Chanel

The final two pieces of the 2020 collection — the Boy de Chanel 3-in-1 Eye Pencil and Nail Colour — are formulated with comparable ease in mind: The $28 matte nail color, available in a transparent nail-enhancing shade and a punky black, feature a fast-to-dry formula with a bigger-than-average brush for easy swiping; the $34 matte eye pencil comes in brown, navy, and black, and has a wear time of up to 12 hours.

Shop the new Boy de Chanel collection on Chanel.com this September.