Casual Valentine's Day Outfits You'll Actually Want To Wear Again


Since entering adulthood, I hear the same refrain when Valentine's Day comes around. My friends, both single and in a relationship, all agree that February 14 is an "overrated holiday." Whether it's the distaste for the pressure that coincides with the date or a general feeling of apathy toward the commercialism that often comes along with it, many women find the holiday more stressful than romantic. If all that rings true with you, then take a bit of the pressure off. A casual Valentine's Day outfit — for staying in, or just hanging out — is what you need.

Of course, sweatpants are always an option (especially if your idea of celebrating involves a date with Netflix), but you may want to consider something laid-back yet slightly festive instead. Below you'll find seven casual Valentine's Day looks that are effortless, laidback, and stylish. The best part? You don't have to wear them just on February 14. Thanks to their pared-down qualities you can test drive these ensembles all season long. Some include those signature pops of red and pink (because, well sometimes you just want to embrace a theme) but others touch on the romantic vibe in a more subtle way. Bottom line: these influencer-inspired looks below are here to keep you feeling the three C's: cool, cute, and casual. Scroll down to discover these spot-on snaps and shop your way to a low-pressure Valentine's Day.

Black Bodysuit + Mid-Rise Jeans + Delicate Necklace


Pick a black bodysuit with an enticing neckline and wear with your favorite mid-rise blue jeans. Add a delicate necklace to finish off the look and whatever footwear you're most comfortable in. While pumps will instantly glam up then ensemble, sneakers will work for that casual vibe.

Pink Sweater + Leather Pants + Pumps


For a look that's both sweet and sexy, tuck a soft pink jumper into glossy leather pants and accessorize with classic pointed-toe pumps. The contrast is decidedly unfussy, and you'll be comfortable all night long.

Monochrome Separates + Socks and Sneakers


Wear a sweater and skirt in your favorite bold color and add in a pair of varsity socks and white sneakers for a sporty contrast. While pink or red may be the obvious choice, don't be afraid to experiment with other hues.

Festive Separates + Distressed Denim


Grab a cardigan and camisole in Valentine's Day-inspired hues and team the two with lived-in jeans. If you're planning to stay in, choose relaxed denim that will be comfy for chilling on the couch all night long.

Solid Sweater + Printed Pants + Mini Bag

Let your pants do the talking and pair your patterned trousers with a solid sweater and cute mini bag. A loose pajama-inspired style is the perfect bride of stylish and cozy.

Blazer + Denim Dress + Loafers


Go for a slightly colleagiate aesthetic with a bright blazer worn over a denim dress. Finalize the outfit with a pair of sheer tights and loafers (extra points if they're velvet).

Prairie Dress + Modern Bag+ Low Heels


Add a tough of whimsy with a bohemian frock and low-heel sleek sandals (add sheer socks if it's too cold out). Modernize the look with a statement bag in an of-the-moment color like lime green.