Bio Ionic's New Curling Wand Gives You Easy Waves — *Without* All The Damage

Bio Ionic's New OnePass Oval Wand Gives You Easy Waves, Sans Damage.

As you scroll through Sephora's website, you might not immediately stop once you spot Bio Ionic's new OnePass Oval Wand. Sure, it's cute — and affordable for a higher-end heat tool, retailing at $99. It'll be the details of the wand that make you want to know more: Revealed on July 7, the new member of Bio Ionic's OnePass collection offers something the brand's dubbed Moisturizing Heat and Nano Ionic MX. In other words, this is a curling iron meant to condition and heal your hair as you style, instead of slowly racking up more damage.

So, how in the world does it work? "The mineral complex that is infused into Bio Ionic tools contains beneficial minerals that emit a high rate of good quality far infrared rays which penetrate into the structure of hair, heating from the inside out," Marina Binichis, EVP of Marketing and Innovation at BBI, tells TZR via email. "This process allows a higher content of moisture to be contained within the hair, avoiding full evaporation, as the tools seal the cuticle."

And sealing up your hair cuticle leads to softer, shinier, and more vibrant hair — whether your hair is professionally colored or in its natural state. To put the tool to the test, Binichis says Bio Ionic tested it with a panel of professional stylists, "who agree hair feels healthy and hydrated following styling with Bio Ionic tools."

Heat-resistant silicone strips — a hallmark of the OnePass Styling Iron — assist in minimizing any tool-based damage, as well. "The silicone speed strips are located on each side of the barrel," explains Binichis. "These strips gently grip the hair to the iron allowing for thorough heat transfer without creasing or damaging the hair."

But according to celebrity hairstylist Nate Rosenkranz, you don't need a high-tech technique to achieve easy curls and waves with the wand. "I recommend sectioning the hair in two parts, a top and bottom," says Rosenkranz, who recommends starting with the front of the bottom section, working towards the back of your head. "You want to curl the first two front sections away from the face. This makes for a more natural frame to the face," he adds. "After you have finished, let the curls cool down then rake your fingers through to loosen the curls for a more easy, lived-in, natural look."

Basically, it's one style you can indulge in without stressing about how it's affecting your hair health; a win-win. Below, Bio Ionic's new OnePass Oval Wand.

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