Sick Of Microblading? Try This New Brow Pen Instead

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Courtesy of Benefit Cosmetics
Benefit Cosmetics' new Microfilling Pen gives a similar effect to microblading.
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Microblading was game-changing when it made its debut into the beauty industry, and despite it being around for decades, it really made an explosion in the last few years. Perfect brows that wouldn't wipe off at the end of the day? Sold. But the 10-letter word that's also responsible for missed lash fills and delayed wax appointments, faltered the excitement of even the most religious microbladers, too: commitment. So to take away the pain of maintenance (and scary needles) Benefit Cosmetics' new Brow Microfilling Pen was crafted.

Launched on Aug. 10, the three-pronged pen ($25) is the newest product from the brow connoisseurs and is available in four different shades. Selling for $25 at Sephora, Ulta, and on Benefit Cosmetics' site, it's a deal considering you get 24-hour wear from it and a process that takes five minutes instead of a two-hour appointment. Thanks to a waterproof, smudge-proof, and transfer-proof formula, your brows won't be ending up on your favorite shirt, either.

Since there are only four colors, the key for choosing your ideal shade is pretty straightforward, especially since they're pretty sheer to begin with. Those with dark brunette, black, or gray hair will want to opt for a pencil in Deep Brown. Brunettes with medium to deep tones in their hair will do best with Medium Brown, and those with light brown or auburn should opt for the Light Brown shade. For blondes of all shades, the best pencil choice is, no surprise, Blonde.

Courtesy of Benefit Cosmetics
Courtesy of Benefit Cosmetics

Once you have a color that suits you, instructions are easy and work in a similar motion to an actual microblading pen — sans painful dragging across the skin. Simply take the pen and brush in an upwards motion at the start and middle of your brow. When you hit your arch, pull the pen sideways and do single strokes to finish — voila, convincingly microbladed brows.

To ease up maintenance on your eyebrow routine, you can get your own pen, ahead.

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