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Bella Hadid's High Ponytail Is A Quick (& Stylish) Hairstyle For Busy Mornings


It's Mon. morning, rain is pattering outside your window, and you've pressed snooze so many times your iPhone has officially given up on you. With a jam-packed day ahead and just a few minutes to fly out the door, your plan to wash and blow dry this A.M. is about as tangible as those dreams you just awoke from. It happens to the best of us, but luckily, a sleek, Bella Hadid-inspired ponytail is a quick (and stylish) solution.

Aside from your double espresso and Uber app, this no-fuss hairstyle is the ultimate saving grace on a manic morning, or whenever you have no choice but to put off a shampoo for one more day. With the power to pull your look together in mere minutes, the polished updo says you're on trend and on-the-go, but nobody has to know you were also on a serious time crunch.

Hadid clearly knows this to be true, because the supermodel wears the hero hairstyle religiously. Whether she's dazzling in couture on the red carpet or wearing head-to-toe activewear out in Manhattan, the 22-year-old defers to the style time and again.

Aside from its ability to discipline flyaways and hide the fact that you temporarily forgot what shampoo is, it might actually make you look more awake, too. If you're low on sleep or your skin's feeling fatigued, the ultra-sleek style can actually have a tightening effect, making you look more alert and refreshed.

So, how does one achieve the sleek and simplistic style? "A lot of hairspray," Hadid revealed to Vogue. "And a lot of gel. I used to use my brother’s mousse that he used on his hair, so I stole it and he’s probably mad at me that I did that."

There you have it: Steal your family member's mousse and get on with it. Or, preserve those important relationships and shop The Zoe Report's four product picks for the foolproof style, below, and read our step-by-step styling instructions along the way.

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Hair Oil



Add a glossy effect by working a few drops of this lightweight oil through smoothed-out strands with your fingertips.

Gloss Dual Boar Bristle Brush



Use one hand to sweep strands close to your scalp with this brush, holding the pony right on top of your head with the other. Its bristles are specially designed for a glossy finish.

Black Bungies 6 Count



Optional: Easily transform your ponytail into a topknot by twisting this bungee around the base of the pony and securing one hook. Once in place, wrap the band around for desired tightness, and secure hook number two. Proceed to twist the pony into a smooth, coiled bun and secure with a bobby pin.



Bumble and Bumble

Last but not least, use this gel to smooth any flyaway hairs, lay those edges, and maybe even pull out a few wispy strands, using the gel to mold them at the ends.