This Clean Beauty Brand Just Added Some Exciting Products To Its Lineup (Including The Perfect Summer Mask)


The whole idea of spring cleaning can mean different things to everyone. Maybe you're making like Marie Kondo and ditching anything that doesn't spark joy, or perhaps you're setting aside time to refresh and streamline your skin routine. If it's the latter you're looking to accomplish this season, why not also work towards getting cleaner, safer products into circulation? Better yet if said clean-beauty buys make your skin feel so good on the coming season's hottest days, to boot. Look no further than APTO's Equalizing Mask — it's the instant face-refresher you'll want on your beauty shelf this summer. Get prepared and shop it now.

Clean skincare brand APTO is all-in when it comes to helping you get your beauty regime in good shape. The line's offerings are free of icky ingredients like parabens, phthalates, synthetic fragrances, and other toxins, instead leaning on naturally-derived and sustainably sourced formulations to make your skin look and feel its best. Of course, APTO's newest spring launches are no exception. In fact, they're the clean complexion-boosting products you'll definitely want to try this season.

Want some proof? Snag yourself a tube of the brand's new Equalizing Mask. The $20 mask relies on an unlikely duo, apple cider vinegar and parsley, to immediately refresh and balance the surface of your skin for a more even complexion. While the natural AHAs in apple cider vinegar work to tone and return your skin to its natural pH, parsley purifies and deters an overproduction of oil.

Use the mask whenever you feel the summer heat taking its toll on your skin for an instant reset. Pro tip: Store it in the fridge, not only to keep the natural ingredients fresh, but also to give your face a much-deserved cooling treatment.

And if dewy skin's what your after, you're in luck. More of APTO's latest arrivals are about achieving that ideal, natural glow the good old-fashioned way: via happy, healthy skin that's luminous from the inside out. Try the new Soothing Toner with Coconut Water, $12, as a non-drying treatment post-cleansing that delivers glow-inducing electrolytes and conditioning minerals directly to your skin.

Chase the glow further with APTO's gel-based Equalizing Gel with Seaweed, $25, for fast-absorbing hydration that won't clog pores (and instantly cools skin). And a couple times a week, use the brand's clean alternative to harsh exfoliants, the Liquid Exfoliant with Seaweed, $22. It's packed with naturally-occurring acids — malic, glycolic, and tartaric — which gently but effectively wipe out dead skin cells that can make your skin appear dull.

Keep scrolling to shop APTO's latest clean-skincare creations, so you can officially check "beauty routine overhaul" off your spring cleaning to-do list.