Why I'm Officially Ditching This Trend In 2020

Christian Vierig/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

My 450-square-foot New York apartment is the size of other people's closets. In fact, often times I feel like I actually live in a closet that just happens to have a stove and shower in it. The space is so small that any amount of clothing I leave sitting on my bed, chair, or couch instantly overwhelms the whole space. Which is why I'm gladly embracing a little closet clean-out to kick off the new year and getting rid of the clothes that are no longer serving me well. Sounds easy, right?

Well, last January I enlisted the KonMari method after binge-watching her Netflix show. But it only took a few frazzled mornings trying to throw something together while running out the door to ruin my perfectly folded drawers. And after a year of accumulating new stuff, I'm back to my old chaotic ways. My dresser overfloweth and my closet threatens to spill out into my kitchen. So this year I'm diving in even deeper and ridding myself of the pieces that don't deserve a spot in my wardrobe anymore.

One of my resolutions this year was to shop more consciously — focusing on vintage and pieces I plan on holding on to for the long run — and cleaning out the old is what'll me get my head on straight. By re-evaluating what I already have hanging in my closet I'm able to assess what's actually missing and more holistically find a balance that works for me. I'll never be a minimalist, so for those who feel like a full-on streamline is unrealistic, I'm here to guide you through.

Clothes To Get Rid Of In 2020: Regrettable Sale Purchases

I've learned from experience that a really good sale can lead to regrettable purchases, especially if I feel rushed. It's time to rid myself of the statement Prada boots I snapped up on discount that happen to be half a size too small but I always defended as a necessary buy. Instead, I'm opting for a sleek, minimal pair I can wear with countless outfits — oh, and happen to fit my feet.

Clothes To Get Rid Of In 2020: Things I Said I'd Get Tailored (LOL)

There's a difference between oversized and it doesn't fit. In my closet there's an entire section devoted to pieces I swear I'd have tailored to fit me, but haven't managed to get around to yet. If I'm not willing to put the work in, it's time to let these all go for good. It's better to stick with styles that fit me from the get go.

Clothes To Get Rid Of In 2020: Anything I've Held On To Out Of Pure Stubbornness

Whenever I approach a closet clean out, there are a handful of items that never seem to make the discard pile. I haven't worn them in years, they're not particularly special, and yet out of stubbornness I can't let them go. Now is the time to finally make space for what I really want to wear, and let all of these out of my closet once and for all.

Clothes To Get Rid Of In 2020: Overly-Trendy Fast Fashion

It's been a conscious effort of mine over the last few years to buy less fast fashion, and to be more thoughtful before diving into a seasonal trend. If it's not one I can see myself wearing more than a handful of times, I'm not buying it. It's time for me to donate the items from seasons past that don't feel relevant to my personal style, and double down on sticking to trends that stay true to my personal style.