Alicia Keys Announces Keys Soulcare, Her New Lifestyle & Skincare Experience

Courtesy of Soulcare
Alicia Keys' newest endeavor is a soulful lifestyle and skincare experiencee.

From a consumer perspective, celebrity lifestyle brand ventures can feel a little redundant. That said, the newest addition to the growing collection of star-powered websites has very meaningful credentials. Following her very public no-makeup journey, Alicia Keys announced Keys Soulcare, a new venture that combines the multiple tenets of self-, skin-, and body care — and you couldn't find a more fitting star.

Back in 2016, Keys herself took a step back from makeup in an effort to relieve the pressure that she and other women face to look a certain way, especially in the entertainment industry. With all that she learned from the journey, the world is lucky to now get a brand from her that encourages readers and buyers to examine their beauty from all angles — not just a cosmetic one.

On Sept. 22, the brand is launching its social media channels at @keyssoulcare, and on Sept. 29, its digital space will officially be open at keyssoulcare.com — though fans can sign up for email alerts beforehand onsite. While the details are still unfolding, the brand has offered a few hints at what consumers can expect.

Keys Soulcare will be working with e.l.f. Beauty to create a virtual platform that surpasses the classic notion of self-care. Will there be products? Yes, but there's a large emphasis on holistically viewing the way you look after yourself, including connection and the mental and emotional side of things, not just the formulas you use in your routine.

Like other lifestyle sites, it will feature intimate interviews, informative content on related subjects, and even a weekly newsletter. There are also physical products coming out, most of which will drop early next year. Currently, the only promised products are a sage and oat milk candle as well as two mystery skincare items.

But behind the articles and shoppable goodies, Keys Soulcare focuses heavily on four main tenets that have a hand in everything it does and releases. The brand calls them them "Keys to Soulcare," and they are body, spirit, mind, and connection.

While meditation or journaling with a face mask on may be the furthest you've gone in intermingling the skincare side of your life with the emotional and spiritual part, Keys Soulcare wants to draw connections between each of these things and the importance of balancing them all for overall wellness.

Be sure to visit the site on Sept. 29 to get a look at what you can expect from Keys' newest adventure.