How This New Scalp Product Can Help You Wash Your Hair Less In 2019


The bright and shiny newness of a New Year gets just about everyone in a fresh headspace. Whether you've opted for a Dry January to detox from all the holiday cocktails, or you're kicking off the year with a month of Whole 30 meals, it's likely you're doing something to be sure you step into 2019 with your best foot forward. And in the spirit of starting over — and streamlining your routine — the Act+Acre scalp detox has landed to help your hair start fresh too. If your strands are feeling a little left out of your New Year's Resolutions, you'll want to grab up this new launch ASAP.

Brand new hair brand Act+Acre landed on the scene in December 2018, and set out with a bold mission in mind: To make hair care into a wellness practice. And just how does the USA-born-and-bred brand tackle this undertaking? By starting at the scalp.

"In all of my experience, I’ve learned two fundamental truths that are overlooked. Healthy hair begins at the scalp, and healthy hair always looks good," founder Helen Reavey tells The Zoe Report in an email. By that logic, Reavey explains that if you're giving your scalp the TLC it needs, you'll have happier, healthier, better looking hair than ever before. "Our mantra is, “Treat your hair like you treat your skin”," Reavey says.

To that end, Act+Acre launched its brand with the Essentials, a three-product hair-wellness collection, rooted in its Scalp Detox treatment. Without a good scalp treatment, Reavey says, "the build-up of products, pollution, sebum and dead skin cells will block the hair follicle from having the nutrients it needs for healthy growth."

So, the $42 weekly scalp treatment works to remove the build-up, and delivers vital nourishment directly to your hair follicle. And because your hair will be free of icky build-up that can weigh it down, you'll also be able to wash and style your hair less (meaning even healthier hair in the long run).

But what sets Act+Acre's Scalp Detox — and the rest of its line — apart from the growing number of scalp treatment products? Reavey notes it starts with not only its formula, but also the production process. Instead of using high temperatures and emulsion to mix the brand's products, Act+Acre relies on ice-cold water and high pressure — kind of like your cold-pressed green juice. "This ensures that the active ingredients remain fresh and highly potent, just as nature intended," Reavey says. "By not using heat, we also use 90 percent less energy."

Plus, all three of Act+Acre's products are free of sulfates, silicone, parabens, and gluten — and they're vegan and cruelty free. The scalp treatment, shampoo, and conditioner are essential oil-based so they balance and condition the scalp, without stripping it of moisture.

Since this new brand is all about shaking up the hair industry, you can definitely expect more groundbreaking things to come as early as summer 2019. "Hair wellness isn’t yet a category, so there’s a responsibility on us to respect the lead we’re taking and the way we’re bringing our community on a journey," Reavey says. "We’re currently working with a team of 31 PHDs, including chemists, physicists, chemical engineers, biochemists and botanists to develop a hair wellness ecosystem which will stretch far beyond the traditional hair product categories."

Until Act+Acre's next launch, keep scrolling to stock up on the brand's debut collection to get your scalp in top shape for 2019.