9 Indie Engagement Ring Designers Making The Most Unique Pieces


Shopping for your engagement ring, like shopping for any type of jewelry, can be a long and tedious task — especially if you’re planning to invest a sum of money into it. After all, your engagement ring is an extension of you and your personal style, and it should be special. Though the option to have a custom-made design for your ring is always available, there are also a number of indie engagement ring designers who have beautiful styles fit for any type of bride — especially if you consider yourself to be on the non-traditional end.

Sure, you can turn to classic brands, but looking to independent designers in addition will give you an endless amount of choices for your engagement ring. Plus, knowing that you’ll have a more intimate shopping experience, your ring will feel even more remarkable. And let’s be real, having a cool engagement ring from a unique designer is always a plus.

Whether you’re searching for a ring that feels both classic and modern, or you want something completely unexpected, these designers will have something that will feel as if it’s made for you (that is, if you don’t go the custom route). Scroll down to see the indie designers who are creating the chicest engagement rings that you have to see — you’ll get excited just by looking at them.

Moritz Glik

Known for its signature Kaleidoscope design, which features gemstones in white sapphire shakers, any piece from Moritz Glik will shimmer with every move you make. These rings will truly feel like a work of art on your finger.

R001P Ring


Moritz Glik

Not only does this ring feature the Kaleidoscope, but the vibrant purple pyrope almandine garnet gives it a nice touch of color.

R1007 Ring


Moritz Glitz

Set with purple sapphires and a winding design, this ring was practically made for the Instagram age.

Love Verité

Los Angeles-based designer Love Verité creates a variety of styles ranging from simply minimalism to detailed, vintage-inspired settings, with everything in between. You'll also find a personal experience when working with the founder.

Amalfi Diamond Constellation Ring


Love Verité

This pretty vintage-inspired ring is set with pave curves surrounding the emerald cut center stone, giving it an unexpected look.

Perth Solitaire


Love Verité

Made with a pear-shaped aquamarine gemstone, an unconventional engagement ring like this will feel unique against the backdrop of traditional white diamonds.


Another Los Angeles-based jewelry designer, KatKim creates eye-catching rings that feel modern, timeless, and undeniably cool all at once.

Duét Pear Pavé Ring



Designed with two pear-shaped diamonds and pavé bands, you will never get tired of looking at this ring.

Floating Diamond Ring



If you find yourself to be on the more minimal side, this ring, which features an offset solitaire diamond, will feel effortlessly modern.

Ashley Zhang

New York-based designer Ashley Zhang creates beautiful engagement rings ranging from vintage-inspired designs to timeless classics with options for any type of bride.

Diana Asscher Cut Engagement Ring


Ashley Zhang

With a unique center stone such as this, you won't be able to take your eyes off of this ring, and no one else will, either.

Illuminance Ring


Ashley Zhang

This ring was inspired by the geometric shapes of the Art Deco era, featuring an asscher cut diamond.

Jemma Wynne

Designers Jenny Klatt and Stephanie Wynne Lalin came together to create fine jewelry that simultaneously feels both polished and relaxed, creating rings that are unique while maintaining an effortless appeal.

Prive Diamond Pear Ring


Jemma Wynne

With a pear-shaped center stone surrounded by three diamonds on each side, this ring is simply a show-stopper.

Bespoke Hexagon Engagement Ring

Jemma Wynne

Made with 18k gold and diamonds, this ring will be a modern classic that goes beyond today's trends.

Shahla Karimi

Taking classic engagement ring styles and turning them on their head, Shahla Karimi's rings feel uniquely modern without straying too far from traditional settings.

Marquis V Ring


Shahla Karimi

Between the less common marquis shape and the double band setting, this engagement ring is bound to catch someone's attention.

Pear East-West Ring


Shahla Karimi

Perhaps you've noticed the pear shape engagement ring rising up the ranks once again. If you're looking for a cool way to take on the trend, opt or one where it sits on its side.

Anna Sheffield

More likely than not, you've seen Anna Sheffield's rings in the form of her Instagram-worthy stacking suites, featuring a variety of styles and stones. Build your own collection starting with one of her engagement rings.

Bea Arrow Ring


Anna Sheffield

Designed with a unique copper rutilated quartz and white diamonds, this is definitely not your average engagement ring.

Attelage Ring


Anna Sheffield

A one-of-a-kind ring with a double band, there's no doubt that this ring will feel particularly special.


The New Zealand jewelry brand creates engagement rings ranging from 1920s-inspired geometric shapes to whimsical settings featuring floral designs. Along with those, they also design traditional rings.

Dahlia Ring



Designed to be a true statement, this ring features a center stone surrounded by a diamond halo and diamonds on the petals.

Alba Ring



Made with the romantic, bohemian bride in mind, this engagement ring boasts a center stone flanked by two flowers, each of which hold a tiny diamond.

Nora Kogan

With Nora Kogan's rings, you'll find ornate details inspired by whimsical elements, lending themselves to the appeal of unique heirloom jewelry.

Sofia Ring


Nora Kogan

With a rose cut diamond and five marquis diamonds on each side, this engagement ring is a stunning piece of craftsmanship.

Desiree Ring


Nora Kogan

In today's age, nontraditional stones are becoming more popular than ever. The aquamarine ring, with its floral-inspired setting, will feel ethereal on your finger.