The Emerald Engagement Rings That Are Spiking In Popularity

Have you heard? Colored stones are in.

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Caroline Vreeland engagement ring.

Though diamonds have long been referred to as a girl's best friend, these days, modern brides are considering non-traditional gemstones when it comes to their ring choice. Given that an engagement ring is likely one of the most worn and personal pieces in a jewelry box, it should reflect your personal style, and that can mean a non-diamond may be more in line with your aesthetic. So, if wedding bells are on your mind, you may have found yourself scrolling through eye-catching emerald engagement rings over a clear classic sparkler.

“Emeralds are one of the rarest and most well-known gemstones on the market, historically considered the gemstone of royalty,” says Kathryn Money, SVP of merchandising and retail at Brilliant Earth, to TZR. “It’s been said that the emerald was Cleopatra’s chosen gem and that much of her collection featured outstanding emeralds of all kinds. Legend has it that wearing emeralds can give you the ability to foresee the future and seek the truth. It has also been believed that emeralds have the power to intensify emotions like compassion and gentleness.”

With so many stunning options available right now from both big-name designers and small indie brands, it's not hard to see why the elegance of an emerald ring has so many soon-to-be brides smitten. “At Brilliant Earth, we have consistently seen the emerald as a trending favorite, whether they are dazzling on the red carpet, [incorporated into] an engagement ring (thank you Elizabeth Olsen!), or [worn] in an everyday look in the form of subtle studs or a pendant necklace,” Money says. What's especially appealing about the luxe green hue is its timeless quality. So while you'll have your pick of swoon-worthy styles, from traditional shapes to modern silhouettes, you can rest assured emerald will stand the test of time. Plus, when it comes to cost, there are precious pieces to be found for every budget.

Ahead, TZR found 13 stunning emerald engagement rings in different shapes and cuts that’ll have you saying ‘I do.’ If you're seeking more engagement ring inspiration, check out these old-school bauble trends that are making a comeback.

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Emerald Engagement Rings: Brilliant Cut

Emerald Engagement Rings: Emerald Cut

Emerald Engagement Rings: Cushion Cut

Emerald Engagement Rings: Asscher Cut

Irene Neuwirth
Emerald & Diamond Tennis Ring
The Asscher Brothers of Holland’s Asscher Diamond Company (now the Royal Asscher Diamond Company) introduced this ring style in 1902. It became popular later on due to its cropped corners and square shape.

Emerald Engagement Rings: Oval Cut

Emerald Engagement Rings: Pear Cut

Emerald Engagement Rings: Princess Cut

Emerald Engagement Rings: Marquise Cut

Emerald Engagement Rings: Round Cut

Emerald Engagement Rings: Heart Cut

Emerald Engagement Rings: Baguette Cut

Emerald Engagement Rings: Rose Cut

Emerald Engagement Rings: Trilliant Cut

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