This Unconventional Engagement Ring Is Known For Its Comfort & Wearability

It won’t snag on your clothes.

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The flush set engagement rings are trending for 2021 — here are 15 styles to shop if you like the mi...
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When it comes to picking out an engagement ring, some brides might take a traditional route and opt for the dainty, French girl-approved styles like the classic solitaire, or an oval shape diamond set on an extra skinny gold band. If you’re feeling a little jaded from seeing all these pervasive designs on your Instagram Feed, however, there is a less than common ring style to check out. For brides seeking to deviate from tradition, but want to remain super stylish, consider a flush setting engagement ring.

What exactly constitutes a flush ring, though? The style is defined by a diamond, or any other type of gemstone, being set into a drilled hole so that it sits “flush” against the band. The stone does not protrude out. To secure the stone, a jeweler hammers the metal around the diamond to hold it in place. This type of setting is typically a popular choice for wedding bands, but it has recently experienced a surge in popularity as engagement rings.

One of the first people to set off this frenzy for the style as engagement rings was New York City-based jeweler Brent Neale Winston. (She currently offers an entire line of custom flush set designs after making one for herself.) Winston believes shoppers are picking the not-so-classic design based on its wearability and the minimalist feel of an embedded stone setting. “They are very comfortable, and they don’t catch on your clothing or scratch things, so you don’t have to worry about the stone’s security,” she tells TZR. “And you can [also] set a 6-carat diamond and it will look less in-your-face than a prong set.”

Kathryn Money, the SVP of merchandising and retail at Brilliant Earth, has also seen a rise in the demand for non-traditional engagement rings. “Flush set gemstones have a contemporary, minimalistic aesthetic that is resonating with our customers right now,” she tells TZR. “It also offers a slightly unique feel and look versus more traditional styles. We see this as a consistent trend in the market as customers look for ways to make their purchase stand out from the crowd without straying too far from the norm.”

There you have it. The jewelry experts have presented their cases for why a flush setting engagement ring is truly unique. If you’re convinced that this is the route you should take for your one-of-a-kind sparkler, keep reading. TZR found 15 mesmerizing rings that’ll have you saying “I Do,” to the style.

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