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8 ‘Sex & The City’ Gifts Your Friends Will Actually Want This Year


Before you know it, the season of gift giving will arrive. And though this time of year is considered to be the most joyful, it can also be stressful — especially if you're fresh out of ideas. Need a little inspiration? Consider taking a few cues from Carrie Bradshaw this season and seek out the best Sex and the City -inspired gifts for your friend who can't stop dishing out quotes from the show ("shopping is my cardio," anyone?).

It's no secret that Bradshaw became an immediate fashion icon when the series first premiered in '98. Two decades after the world was first introduced to the New York City columnist-slash-shoe-obsessive, her style influence remains as strong as ever. Think about it: The slip dresses, over-the-top tulle skirts, and crystal-embellished heels that defined Bradshaw's wardrobe in the '90s are back in a big way in 2018. That said, finding pieces with that coveted Bradshaw flair is easier than you might think.

Ahead, shop The Zoe Report's roundup of eight sure-to-be iconic Sex and the City gifts, all of which closely resemble pieces from key moments in the series. Don't worry, you won't find any fan merch here — these gifts pay homage to your favorite show in a subtle (and stylish) way. Prepare to fight the urge to gift all eight to yourself.

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Personalized Script Name With Heart Necklace


Argento Vivo

If there's one accessory that defines Carrie Bradshaw's style more than a pair of Manolo Blahniks, it's the nameplate necklace she wears religiously in the show. With its cursive script and dainty design, this necklace by Argento Vivo is the perfect replica. Plus, the heart charm adds a loving touch.

Tasseled Sequined Chiffon Pouch



It's no secret Carrie loved a statement-making handbag — she relied on the accessory to top nearly all of her ensembles. This sequin pink pouch would, no doubt, seamlessly fit into her collection.

Hangisi Jewel Pump


Manolo Blahnik

In what is perhaps one of the most iconic on-screen proposals ever, Mr. Big asks Carrie for her hand in marriage with a pair of Manolo Blahnik heels — specifically, with the Hangisi Jewel Pump. Though the price may be steep, it's guaranteed to be the perfect 'Sex and the City'-inspired piece for that very special someone.

Judith PVC Slides



If you're not ready to shell out an entire paycheck on a pair of Manolo Blahniks, look no further than these PVC slides, which are perfectly comparable with Carrie’s crystal-embellished PVC stiletto mules.

Diamond Solo Ring



Another great Carrie Bradshaw-inspired piece? A black diamond ring. As any fan knows, Mr. Big gave her this unconventional ring style as a sort of first-anniversary gift. And when Carrie asks why a black diamond rather than a more traditional pick, Mr. Big says, "Because you are not like anyone else."

Dotted Tulle Midi Skirt


Needle & Thread

If there were a single fashion piece that defined Carrie Bradshaw's style, it would be a ballerina-esque tutu skirt. And this black tulle midi number from Needle & Thread is the perfect, modern-day take on the piece. Wear it à la Bradshaw with a tank top and blazer.

Soft Jacquard Slip Dress



In search of another fashion staple for your 'Sex and the City'-loving friend? A slip dress, the pajama-inspired piece Carrie wore on repeat, is a great option if you're not feeling a tutu. Plus, it's a gift they can put right to use, as it's the perfect holiday outfit when layered with a turtleneck and boots.

Large Lapel Flower


Hook + Albert

If you're looking for a more affordable, though nonetheless iconic, Carrie Bradshaw-inspired accessory, this oversized flower pin is your calling card. It's simple and understated, but perfect for your favorite 'Sex and the City' fan.