The Eyeshadow Palette That J.Lo’s Makeup Artist Is Obsessed With


There were some pretty great 2018 beauty launches last year, but new eyeshadow palettes completely dominated the category — and likely your Sephora or Ulta shopping cart. The gorgeous shades of metallic golds, smooth nudes for all skin tones, and creamy, bright colors caught the eyes of pros who've likely seen it all — and even they are impressed.

TZR caught up with celebrity makeup artist Michael Ashton, who includes Adele, Elle McPherson, and Keira Knightley, as clients; Mary Phillips, also a celebrity makeup artist who works with Jennifer Lopez, and Chrissy Teigen; and New York City-based celebrity makeup artist Romy Soleimani, who counts Alicia Vikander, Tracee Ellis Ross, and Cara Delevingne as clients about the palettes they couldn't stop using, and application tips.

While the shades are important, never forget the importance of proper application. "I always like to prep the lid with an eye paint or eyeshadow stick first," Ashton says. "This gives you an even base to start applying eyeshadow on top of, and by product cocktailing the two together, it ensures an ultra-rich color payoff and longer wear."

On the opposite hand, Soleimani tells TZR that she skips basing altogether. "I don't use concealer or primer on the lid because I like it when the shadow takes on skin-like quality," she notes. "But if you really want the shadow to pop, you can use it." For glittery shades that tend to fall out, she uses the pad of her finger and presses the pigment into her lid. "Even when applying shadows with a brush I like to finish with my finger to make it look more like skin," she says.

And since metallics are always trending with artists, Phillips always uses this pro tip: "They can be used wet or dry, with brushes or fingers," she notes. "Matte flat shadows are ideal for mature skin, and creams work best when they are warmed on skin first. Don’t be afraid to play, and experiment with different textures to create dimension."

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