The Jewelry Brands You Haven’t Heard Of Yet (But Will Definitely Love)


Is there anything better than stumbling across a cool new jewelry brand you've never heard of before? For diehard accessory enthusiasts, not really, especially if that label makes pieces as fresh and exciting as the brand itself. Finding them is easier said than done, though, because with the constant barrage of labels you see on social media, it can be hard to weed through the noise and come across those pieces that've just entered the market. They're out there, though, and with some digging, you can discover some incredible new finds. Case in point? The jewelry brands ahead.

Instagram is a gold mine of amazing brands just waiting for the world to realize they're there, meaning the list of new ones you need on your radar is practically endless. However, there are definitely a few brand new labels that stand out from the rest, and if they haven't already caught your eye, keep scrolling and you'll probably find you're unable to look away. Get ready to add to your ever-growing collection of jewelry; ahead, eight cool new brands you don't want to miss.


OMA was founded in 2018 by Heather David, and is a line of fun, usually simple, and incredibly unique jewelry. Each piece is made to order at her home in Brooklyn.


SVNR (which is pronounced "souvenir", and is French for the word "remember") was founded in Brooklyn by designer Christina Tung in 2018. The brand is dedicated to creating jewelry through sustainable practices, and sells quirky, colorful pieces made from "found, re-used, up-cycled and natural materials."


COQUI may only be 4,972 Instagram followers strong so far, but its photo-worthy jewelry will change that soon enough. The brand clearly knows how to create jewelry that feels both unexpected and stylish, and paired with major Instagram trends like pearls and cowrie shells, the result is pieces that are bound to take over your feed — and your jewelry box — in no time.


Watch out: When the rest of the world discovers MOYA, your Instagram will never be the same. This new label, founded in 2018, is based in London and draws on elements of interior and architectural design to inspire its pieces.


Cavaleiro posted its first photo to Instagram in late 2017 introducing its line. And while it's still small (the brand only has an Etsy store at the moment), its unique and dainty designs will undoubtedly ensure it grows quickly.

Soft Mountains

Founded in 2017, Soft Mountains was born from Ziwei Longhong's idea to partner with indigenous skilled artisans to support Chinese Ethnic Minorities living in the mountains. And though there are few pieces, each one is beautifully made, toeing the line between modern and vintage for an unusual but stunning result.


Sutun introduced its jewelry to Instagram in late 2017, and since then has been selling simple-but-quirky earrings at ridiculously affordable prices. The label also mixes vintage pieces in with its own, which makes for a fun mixture of earrings to shop through when you're looking for that perfect, unique piece.


It didn't take long for ParelParel to gain a following — once it posted its introduction to Instagram in September 2018, the fashion set quickly scooped it up. And it's obvious why: Everything it makes is fairly minimalist and 100 percent chic, making it practically an instant must-have.