The $18 Pillow That’ll Keep Your Back Protected While You’re Working From Home

side view of smiling african american female freelancer working at home

With more and more individuals going remote for work, it's likely many are facing a comfort dilemma. Unlike the ergonomic furniture in most offices, the chic accent chairs and desks in personal living spaces are often selected for aesthetic purposes as opposed to practical ones. So, now that you're spending more time in said sitting areas, it's likely your back is facing the brunt their impracticality. Instead of totally revamping your at-home work space, investing in a comfy back support pillow could be the easy way out here.

Now, one's first instinct might be to just grab a nearby throw pillow and place it where you might be feeling aches and soreness — but, pretty accent pillows aren't always made with comfort in mind. There are, however, plenty of other options that are specifically designed to give your lower and/or upper back the support and ease it needs as you sit at your new makeshift desk all day... even if your work space doesn't actually include a desk.

For instance, for those propped up in a bed or large sofa ,a back rest pillow that keeps you sitting up (while reclined) helps you avoid straining your neck and shoulders. If you're working from your kitchen table, a back pillow or lumbar variety could be useful in keeping your lower back from getting sore or stiff. And, if you're working at an actual desk and want to get fancy, a lumbar support pillow works with the natural curve of your back to prevent tension or pain.

To help you get your home work space in a more ergonomic place, ahead, eight pillows that'll keep your back from aching, no matter where you set up shop.

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